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trial date set patrick murphy murder

Despite expected delays, the murder trial in the death of Pottsville businessman Patrick Murphy is moving along according to schedule.

According to a spokesperson in the Orleans Parish District Attorney’s office, there have been no delays in the Patrick Murphy murder trial schedule. Next week, on Sept. 26, the prosecution and attorneys for defendant Magen Hall will be in court for a scheduled pre-trial conference.

It’s likely they plan to discuss several motions defense attorney John Fuller made just after Hall last appeared in court. On July 30, according to court documents, Fuller filed several motions to suppress evidence and statements collected in the case against his client, Hall.

If there are no delays in the case after that conference date next Thursday, it’s expected the murder trial will get underway on Oct. 8 in New Orleans.

It’s important to note: As we’ve been following the case, several New Orleans court and justice experts have told us that cases rarely move along according to plan like this. There’s still a chance the case schedule could be delayed.

Patrick Murphy Murder Trial


In the case of Louisiana vs. Magen Hall, Hall faces a second-degree murder charge and life in prison if found guilty.

The state also charged Hall with armed robbery and obstruction of justice when securing a grand jury indictment against her.

Hall stands accused of murdering Pottsville businessman Patrick Murphy, who owned Murphy Jewelers stores in Pottsville, Tilden Township and Hellertown. Murphy was in New Orleans just before Mardi Gras earlier this year on a return trip from a business stop in Arizona. He and his wife stopped in New Orleans on their way back from Arizona.

At some point during the late night hours of February 27 and early morning hours of February 28, Murphy and his wife separated from each other in New Orleans. Murphy ended up hooking up with Hall, a suspected prostitute, and going to the Empress Hotel in New Orleans Treme neighborhood.

That’s where police suspect Hall slashed Murphy three times on the front of his body in their hotel room. Murphy’s body was discovered later that morning of Feb. 28 by hotel staff.

After a short time on the run, Hall turned herself into police custody and has been in a New Orleans jail cell since early March.


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  1. Adele Mancini September 19th, 2019 at 8:29 am

    So happy to see the trial is moving along!
    Curious to see if they find her guilty and what her reason could be for killing such a nice man from Schuylkill County!


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