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Are There Schuylkill County Victims of Accused Child Rapist Cop Brent Getz?

Brent Getz

Last week, Brent Getz was fired from his new job as part-time Weissport Police Chief.

For at least 6 years, Getz and an accomplice, Gregory Wagner Jr., both of Lehighton, allegedly sexually assaulted a girl from the time she was 4 until 11.

Charges Against Getz, Wagner

Gregory Wagner Jr.

Getz and Wagner raped the young girl hundreds of times. They started when they were teens and the girl was only 4 years old.

Wagner first raped the girl, according to arrest records, in 2005. Two years after Wagner and the girl’s first encounter, Getz — his personal friend — joined in. The rapes allegedly occurred several times a month for at least 6 years, until May 2012.

It’s not known what Wagner has done with his life since the first alleged rape.

Getz, on the other hand, leads a very public life.

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He’s 27. And before he was fired as Weissport Police Chief, a part-time position, he held police jobs in other municipalities, including two in Schuylkill County: Tamaqua and West Penn Township.

More Victims Possible

Are there more victims of these two or of each on their own? Pennsylvania Attorney General Josh Shapiro believes there may be others out there.

That could include victims in Schuylkill County.

Did Getz use his authority position to intimidate more victims in Tamaqua or West Penn Township? We’ve certainly seen too often when this has been the case.

On Tuesday, Shapiro released this updated statement to The Canary:

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“This investigation is ongoing, and my Office believes there may be other victims. We encourage anyone with information about this case to call a special Carbon County Sexual Abuse hotline that my office has set up at 267-768-3957. You don’t have to be afraid to come forward—we want to hear from you.”

There’s evidence that this duo has been good in the past at keeping their victim quiet.

First, consider that these rapes allegedly happened HUNDREDS of times over the course of 6 years. That sort of behavior doesn’t suddenly stop, does it?

And these two have eluded authorities for years. According to arrest records, investigators first questioned Wagner in 2012. And then again the following year. Charges were filed against him in 2015 but tossed due to a technicality.

It wasn’t until the investigation was re-opened in August 2018 that Getz’ name was even mentioned.

Even if no victims from the two Schuylkill County municipalities where Getz worked come forward, it’s likely that each police department will be questioned about any allegations against their officer, Getz, during his time employed there.

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1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Linda

    April 12, 2019 at 8:05 am

    Hundreds of times? How was a four to eleven year old alone enough for hundreds of times? Four years old! This is horrific to think about.

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