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MAGA Dan Meuser: Wall “Essential Tool”

wall essential tool

Prior to the government shutdown ending, Schuylkill County’s representative in Congress said a wall or barrier on the Mexican border is an essential tool in the fight against illegal immigration.

Newly minted U.S. Rep. Dan Meuser (PA-9) said in a floor speech, “Politics has no place in this serious matter. The people want us to work together for our country, not for ourselves or our political parties. Let’s not continue to let the people down, let’s show that this Congress can do things better.”

Check out the video of Rep. Meuser’s speech here:

YouTube video

In the same speech, calling for bipartisanship, Meuser called for an end to the shutdown. That has been seen as a sign of caving, according to the self-labeled most ardent Trump supporters. By agreeing to re-open the government as he did on Friday, President Trump has been ridiculed by many of his supporters, accused of caving on the issue.

The federal government is open again for at least 3 weeks and Trump is without border wall money.

“Wall … Essential Tool” in Border Security

Democrats, especially in the House, still insist they won’t spend a dime on a wall. Meuser says in his speech, this won’t work.

“Our borders are a serious problem. We all know this. The data is indisputable by anyone serious who reviews the information. We have hundreds of thousands entering our country illegally every year – and our border patrol agents cannot manage the situation with the resources and tools Congress has appropriated,” Meuser says.

There is a cost and plan to make our borders properly secure. Congress has the responsibility to provide the right level of funding, so border security staff can do their job and so our country has lawful immigration. ”


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