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Day 3: Nearly 4,000 Remain Without Power in Schuylkill County

Power expected to be restored on Thursday.

Nearly 4,000 PPL Electric customers in Schuylkill County remain without power Thursday morning as the prolonged outage enters its third day.

Power was knocked out to tens of thousands in Schuylkill County starting early Tuesday morning following a heavy snowstorm dropped at least 6 inches of snow across the area. Many areas received more snow than that.

That heavy, wet snow snapped trees and brought down power lines across Schuylkill County.

At the height of outages in Schuylkill County, more than 28,000 homes and businesses were without power.

On Wednesday night, there were still more than 12,000 without power locally. So more than half of those were restored since last night but a significant amount are still in the dark and cold. Temperatures in Schuylkill County dropped into the teens overnight.

PPL has deployed more than a hundred subcontractors to help with restoring power across its service area.

Of the nearly 4,000 outages still being reported, nearly half are located in South Manheim Township. Power is expected to be restored to all customers in Schuylkill County by Thursday night, about 60 hours after it was first lost.

Here’s where all the outages are currently being reported (as of 10:15 a.m. Thursday):

MunicipalityOutages (Feb. 15th)Total Customers Served
Auburn Boro501,481
Barry Twp144297
Blythe Twp1771,216
Branch Twp524,752
Butler Twp645,546
Cass Twp87580
Cressona Boro466,293
East Brunswick Twp76927
East Norwegian Twp113,619
East Union Twp203,085
Eldred Twp23920
Hegins Twp803,098
Hubley Twp122539
Minersville Boro92,741
North Manheim Twp851,016
North Union Twp101,481
Norwegian Twp17,564
Palo Alto Boro9490
Pine Grove Twp2245,041
Port Carbon Boro662,496
Porter Twp261,279
South Manheim Twp1,7442,023
Tremont Boro41,111
Tremont Twp151,138
Union Twp411,910
Upper Mahantongo Twp6297
Washington Twp257682
Wayne Twp1422,163
West Brunswick Twp2882,498
West Penn Twp13,814

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