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Mainstream Media Push Conspiracy Theory About Yuengling and Bud Light-Dylan Mulvaney Partnership

This is why they call it fake news.

Earlier this week, the mainstream news media started peddling a wild conspiracy theory trying to drum up a controversy involving Pottsville’s own Yuengling Brewery and Budweiser and its partnership with trans activist Dylan Mulvaney.

To do so, they took one of Yuengling’s daily tweets and suggested the local brewery, America’s oldest, was taking a shot at Budweiser while it was embroiled in controversy after putting a well-known trans activist on cans of Bud Light.

The mainstream media, as they often do, got it completely wrong. Perhaps they were trying to do this to paint Yuengling as an anti-trans brand (because of its past support of Republican politicians) or maybe they were all just bored because Trump didn’t do anything this week so far. Either way, they failed. Miserably.

Let’s take a closer look at how stupid they are. And there’s no doubting that.

First, let’s see what the fake news media reported and continues to report:

These are just some of the headlines. There are many many more.

The Daily Mail suggests Yuengling is trolling Bud Light with a tweet.

New York Post says the Pottsville brewery is taking an “apparent jab” with a “conspicuous tweet” potentially aimed at Budweiser.

And Fox News says Yuengling’s tweet “appears to take shot” at Bud Light’s latest can promotion.

Dumbness from all of them.

Now, let’s look at the tweet they’re suggesting is throwing shade at Bud Light.

On April 14, the company tweeted a picture of a Yuengling Lager can in front of an American flag hanging from what appears to be a barn-like structure. It reads: “Yuengling, The Oldest Brewery In America. Independently Owned and Family Operated since 1829 because we make good beer.”

The tweet has gotten 5 million views. It’s been retweeted more than 10,000 times and has more than 61,000 likes. Those numbers are enviable, surely, and way over Yuengling’s typical engagement on tweets, likely buoyed all the attention.

But is it throwing shade or taking apparent jabs at Bud Light? Only if you’re looking to brew up some controversy.

That tweet is nearly identical to almost every other Yuengling tweet on any given day. Here’s proof from the company’s Twitter timeline, which the mainstream fake news clearly didn’t see or chose to ignore to push a conspiracy, as they love to call just about everything.

This one is from April 18:

And this one is from April 16:

Would CNN report they’re taking an apparent jab at cats with that one? Probably.

Here are some anti-Mets tweets from Yuengling, supposedly:

It’s literally the same thing from them every day … beautiful pictures of their photogenic cans:

You’d have to be pretty stupid to believe that one tweet with a patriotic message is aimed, in any way, at Bud Light’s decision to put a trans activist on a can.

And, if you want further proof of how off the media was on this story, you can look at the fact that Yuengling has been a sponsor of Schuylkill County Pride Fest, which is entering its third year. The company helped sponsor the event in 2022.

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