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Minersville Man, Live-in Ex-Girlfriend Arrested on Illegal Guns Charges

Mental health past prohibited him from possession guns.

A Minersville man and his live-in ex-girlfriend were arrested Wednesday on charges of illegally buying and possessing guns and drug possession.

According to information released from Minersville PD, Patrolman Jeffrey Bowers obtained a search warrant for 601 Lytle St. in Minersville. That’s where Nickolas Marrin-Youmans, 29, and his ex-girlfriend, Samantha Illingworth, 30, live with Marrin-Youmans’ current girlfriend, Cara Godbold.

In his affidavit, Bowers says an investigation leading up to acquiring that search warrant revealed that Marrin-Youmans was in possession of numerous guns he wasn’t permitted to own.

Bowers’ informant told him that Marrin-Youmans had a history of severe mental health issues, including incidents where he held people at gunpoint and at the end of a machete.

That informant allegedly told Bowers that Marrin-Youmans once held his family hostage with a machete. And he previously held a gun to the head of an ex-girlfriend in front of her children.

Marrin-Youmans also allegedly tried to disarm a Coaldale police officer and most recently, just last month, pointed a gun at the ex-boyfriend of his current girlfriend, Godbold.

The informant also told Bowers that Marrin-Youmans routinely carries a gun on him in a holster.

Marrin-Youmans’ history prohibits him from buying or possessing a gun, Bowers reports in the affidavit.

So, with that knowledge gleaned from the investigation up to Wednesday, Bowers, along with other members of Minersville PD and the US Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives executed the search warrant signed by District Magistrate David Plachko.

During their sweep of that Lytle St. home, police reportedly discovered numerous guns, ammo, narcotics, and other items.

Police cataloged the following guns:

  • Smith & Wesson .40-caliber handgun
  • Hatfield 20-gauge shotgun
  • Savage Model 62 .22-caliber rifle
  • Mossberg 20-gauge shotgun
  • Remington 870 12-gauge shotgun

Police also uncovered numerous rounds of ammo in their sweep of that home.

Back at the Minersville PD station, Bowers states that Illingworth, the ex-girlfriend, admitted to buying 5 guns for Marrin-Youmans, knowing that he couldn’t purchase them for himself.

She also admitted going to a shooting range with her ex, where they shot these ill-gotten guns.

Marrin-Youmans told Bowers during questioning that the guns are typically kept on a display rack in his bedroom, Bowers states in court docs.

Both Marrin-Youmans and Illingworth now face several gun-related felony charges and a drug possession charge. They’re also looking at felony conspiracy charges for providing false information on the purchase of guns.

Bowers reports that Marrin-Youmans’ bail was set at $50,000 by Plachko.

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