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PA Lottery Numbers

Winning PA Lottery Numbers and Powerball Numbers for Jan. 14, 2023

Powerball numbers included, too!

powerball winning pa lottery numbers january 14 2023

Here are the winning numbers in the Pennsylvania Lottery and the Powerball drawing for Jan. 14, 2023:

Daytime Winning PA Lottery Numbers on Jan. 14

  • Pick 2: 9-5 (Wild 9)
  • Pick 3: 5-7-5 (Wild 9)
  • Pick 4: 8-8-5-6 (Wild 9)
  • Pick 5: 7-2-0-6-8 (Wild 9)

Evening Winning PA Lottery Numbers for Jan. 14

  • Pick 2: 7-3 (Wild 8)
  • Pick 3: 2-9-9 (Wild 8)
  • Pick 4: 2-6-6-8 (Wild 8)
  • Pick 5: 1-6-3-0-5 (Wild 8)

Other Winning PA Lottery Numbers for Jan. 14

  • Cash 4 Life: 12-19-24-27-45 (Cash Ball 2)
  • Cash 5: 15-32-33-36-41
  • Match 6: 14-26-37-40-44-49
  • Treasure Hunt: 12-14-21-23-24

Winning Powerball Numbers for Jan. 14, 2023

  • Powerball: 24-26-39-47-57 (Power ball: 23) (Power Play: 2)
  • Double Play: 17-19-31-33-64 (Power ball: 13)

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