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Big Tech Censoring Conservative Voices – Their Choice, But It’s Not Right

internet free speech twitter bans conservatives

internet free speech twitter bans conservatives

We’re actively witnessing thousands of conservative voices being banned from major social media and other technology platforms.

If they’re not getting banned from the most popular social media networks, they’re being de-platformed on services like Amazon, Google, Shopify and more. Big tech wants to make it very difficult for conservatives to do business online or even have a voice.

It started with President Trump getting banned from Twitter, then Facebook, then everything, after these sites determined, without any evidence, that he incited the crowd at Capitol Hill on January 6 to storm the building while votes were being certified in the 2020 Presidential election.

But it’s not going to stop there. They’ve already taken down more conservative voices. Anyone who dares question the validity of the 2020 election in any way is subject to removal. There will be more, you can be sure of it.

Those affected by these bans say Big Tech is violating their right to free speech.

Now, here comes an unpopular opinion in conservative circles: Big Tech is not limiting free speech.

That’s not to say what they’re doing is right and it’s certainly not a good business decision in the long run, but it’s not really limiting free speech. Why? Because they’re these companies’ platforms. And if they don’t want people exposing the truth about the 2020 election, as they see it, that’s their right.

If you want a place to express your feelings, start your own site, build an audience and tell your message to the world if you can find it.

What IS definitely wrong about these bans are the inconsistencies. They’re kinda like the COVID rules. They exist for you but not for them. You stayed inside and were locked out of your job or business, but the second THEY wanted to take to the streets for causes they supported, suddenly COVID didn’t exist.

The same is happening on these Big Tech sites and servers. While they say Trump “fomented” violence in his speech and that led to his banning, they’re completely ignoring those who clearly did advocate for violence – against conservatives and Trump supporters, of course.

Another reason this trend in banning voices and thoughts is wrong is it’s dangerous. And it normalizes the idea that we can just shut down opinions that don’t agree with ours. That’s unAmerican and it’s definitely anti-free speech. But there are millions celebrating this idea right now. Scary.

So, as much as it’s not necessarily a limit on a person’s free speech rights to be banned from a certain social media site, the practice of doing it is normalizing the idea that it’s OK to censor another person’s thoughts.

Image: AF Branco cartoon

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1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Dave

    January 17, 2021 at 7:34 am

    If big tech never used federal money{taxpayer money}, I may agree. but once you get public money, they must allow free speech and abide with the Constitution. I can see option’s could be highlighted by the site or briefly hidden. But to remove speech is criminal.

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