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2020 Schuylkill League Football

Football Stunner – Nativity Beats Pottsville (And the Internet Reacts)

nativity beat pottsville bingo card

nativity beat pottsville bingo card

Did you hear?

Tiny Nativity topped mighty Pottsville in a highly anticipated football game Friday night.

It’s one of those games at the beginning of the season that many believed would be a one-sided affair. No on saw this coming.

The final score from this rare clash was Green Wave 31, Crimson Tide 21.

The Green Wave scored 17 unanswered points after trailing in the third quarter to bring home the historic win. (Watch video highlights from WFMZ-TV here)

Nativity Beats Pottsville in Rare Football Clash

News of the big victory spread quickly.

They’re calling it the Saint Clair Stunner. OK, no one’s calling it that. But the final score got some attention on the internet in the hours following the game.

The general gist of the posts was “Nativity beat Pottsville … in FOOTBALL?”

stunned gif

Nativity fan and Twitter user @BeckyMi67864842 posted this photo of the victorious Green Wave after the upset:

A former player with the Green Wave, Kevin Matz, posted this to his Twitter account, noting just how big of an upset this really was:

Twitter user @cullcat1 seems to have some insider info that he shared in a tweet explaining how Nativity beating Pottsville was possible. And just a side note … we can’t say anything he’s saying here is true:

Speaking of out-of-whack posts, another user tried noting the magnitude of this upset but really missed the mark. @paul1wall0 wanted to emphasize how big an upset Nativity toppling Pottsville is but in doing so, disparaged the gamut of Nativity sports. He kinda left out that whole Golden Girls dominating girls basketball when he wrote:

Nativity Beating Pottsville is So 2020

@_Tidmore believes this upset is par for 2020’s course so far. He may be on to something:

User @SpencePV12 echoed that sentiment:

As did @KennyCruzDixon who said:

One of Nativity’s more famous alums couldn’t help but chime in after his school’s big win. ESPN NFL analyst Mike Clay said:



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1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. The Canary is a douche bag

    September 13, 2020 at 2:56 am

    Of course you write about this. You hate Pottsville

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