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port carbon fourth of july 2020 america

(Photos: Coal Region Canary)

While many communities across the country stay inside this Fourth of July, Port Carbon turns out like it always does.

port carbon fourth of july 2020 crowd

Small groups of people lined a parade route Saturday morning to watch the borough’s 73rd Baby Parade. The event is organized by the Port Carbon Citizens Committee and 4th of July Committee.

port carbon fourth of july 2020 goodwill truck

Port Carbon Holds Annual Parade and Fireworks on Fourth of July

These days, the parade includes kids up to 12 years old and from Port Carbon, Palo Alto, and Mechanicsville.

Kids parade around on floats …

port carbon fourth of july 2020 fireworks kids

their strollers …

port carbon fourth of july 2020 stroller

their bikes, two-wheeled …

port carbon fourth of july 2020 girl on bike

port carbon fourth of july 2020 patriotic bike

or one …

port carbon fourth of july 2020 unicycle

and even some quads.

port carbon fourth of july 2020 quads

We were told it was a little weird not seeing so many people along the parade route and participating but the band played on.

port carbon fourth of july 2020 band

The parade’s the start of an Independence Day of limited activity here in Port Carbon. But at least there is some activity!

port carbon fourth of july 2020 america boat

There will be a small carnival in the Mirawal playground area later this afternoon.

And the day’s activities wrap up with Port Carbon’s annual fireworks display, set off from Monument Hill. The first firework goes up at 9:30 tonight.

port carbon fourth of july 2020

About a month ago, another locally popular 4th of July fireworks display, in Frackville, was postponed until September.

Port Carbon 4th of July Fireworks

Are Port Carbon Fireworks Still On?


The Port Carbon Citizens Committee hosted its annual fireworks display on July 4, 2020.

Fireworks are set off from Monument Hill in Port Carbon.

When you drove into Port Carbon looking for the best spot to view this year’s 4th of July fireworks in Port Carbon, you may have thought you were too late.

“Did we miss ’em,” many likely asked themselves.

That’s because just about every other household in Port Carbon seemed to spend at least one of their pandemic payments on a haul of aerial rockets and other fireworks. The town was ablaze with pyrotechnics. Small ones, big ones. Impressive ones and plenty of duds, too.

It’s likely many people probably figured that Port Carbon would cancel its fireworks, like Frackville did, on account of the pandemic. So, they went out and prepared a display for themselves and neighbors. When a whole town thinks that way, the results are pretty crazy.

port carbon fireworks 2020

The lousy part of this year’s July 4th celebration is that it’s only a day. Tomorrow is July 5th and that means it’s back to the panic over the pandemic and social media fights with friends and families on the virtues and efficacy of face masks.

Well, at least we had today.

Donate to Port Carbon Citizens Committee

Donations to help offset the cost of the annual Port Carbon 4th of July fireworks can be sent to:

4th of July Committee
PO Box 145
Port Carbon, PA 17965

You can also drop off donations at the Port Carbon Public Library, at 111 Pike St.

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  1. PTFloridians July 4th, 2020 at 4:44 pm

    Its a real pleasure to see pictures of normalcy, and uninterrupted enjoyment, of life as we know it, amidst the hysteria. What simple pleasures.
    Port Carbon, you rock!…WELL DONE


    • Canary Commenter July 4th, 2020 at 10:29 pm

      Definitely! It was nice to break from the pain in the ass that’s been 2020 so far.


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