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Coronavirus in Pennsylvania

Heisler’s Dairy Bar Re-Opening on Monday – With Some Restrictions

heislers reopening

heislers reopening

Heisler’s Dairy Bar announced it’s re-opening for the season beginning on Monday.

But there will be restrictions. If you’re looking to get some ice cream or some of their hot food though, you’re in luck.

Heisler’s Dairy Bar Re-opening for 2020 Season

The popular dairy bar in the Lewistown Valley announced on Facebook that it’s re-opening on Monday, May 4, starting at 10 a.m. until 9 p.m. every day.

However, there will be some restrictions on its business activity. This, of course, is due to the Chinese virus pandemic response.

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“We are asking the public for your cooperation in helping us promote and maintain a safe and healthy environment for both our employees and fellow visitors,” the company writes.

Right now, Heisler’s will only serve ice cream and hot food.

The company is also taking the following precautions to prevent the spread of the virus and keep the Karens at bay:

  • All employees will follow CDC guidelines, wearing masks and gloves.
  • Customers must maintain 6 feet of distance between each other in lines. The company is telling customers to wear face masks, too, when they’re in line.
  • There will be separate order and pick-up windows for ice cream and hot food.
  • No inside service will happen for now.
  • There’s no outside seating at Heisler’s for now, either. They encourage customers to eat in their vehicles.
  • Mini-golf and the golf driving range are still closed.

Customers can call ahead for hot food orders.

Here’s the full statement Heisler’s posted on its Facebook page Sunday:


Anti-maskers vs. Karens

Heisler’s re-opening is welcomed by many, judging from the reaction the company got to this announcement Sunday.

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However, the company is getting some blowback from people who don’t want to wear a face mask. Their biggest gripe seems to be focused on the fact that they’re outside.

You can see these sides scrap it out here:

Of course, when you express that opinion, you’re bound to find the Karens who repeat the nauseating talking points about why masks are suddenly so important, even though they weren’t vital during the first month of the pandemic response.

Surely, Heisler’s doesn’t want to cause division between its customers. We can all mostly agree that ice cream is good and should be a uniter, not a divider. But these are the unprecedented times in which we live, right?

If we were betting on this, Heisler’s just wants to open for business and get some revenue flowing their way. If they don’t, there may not be a Heisler’s or any similar business like this post-pandemic freakout. They know both sides of this argument exist out there.

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This simply shows small local businesses can adapt to nearly any circumstance, certainly just as well or even better than a big business can.

And if any local business starts to get a little over-the-top about enforcing these rules, then just stop supporting them. But until then, let Heisler’s (or any business) do what they feel they need to do to stay open and avoid as much public scrutiny as possible.

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1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Former Greenwood Hill Skook

    May 4, 2020 at 1:15 am

    Well said.

    This is a delicate balance and both sides of the argument need to realize that.

    However, a retail establishment such as Heisler’s is exactly the type of business that needs to open up with new “social distancing” parameters.

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