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Don’t adjust your sets: Do you know this woman? Minersville Police want to know.

minersville pd help identifying

(Photo: Minersville PD/Facebook)

In a Facebook message posted on Thursday evening, Minersville police say they’re seeking anyone with “information regarding the identity of this subject.” Police do not say why they want to know this woman’s identity.

If you do know who she is, you’re supposed to call Patrolman Sterner at Minersville PD at 570-628-3792.

Reminder: Clean Your Security Cameras

Shortly after posting this photo on the PD’s Facebook page, some real wisenheimers started giving the business to the business that captured this woman’s image on its security camera.

As you can’t see, it’s a tad blurry.

“Maybe they can catch alot of people if places had better cameras,” someone writes.

Luckily, in a small community like Minersville and Schuylkill County, as a whole, it probably won’t take long before this woman’s identified. But if this weren’t the tightly-knit/somewhat nosy are that it is, there’s a chance she wouldn’t get ID’d.

It seems everyone has a security camera somewhere these days, probably for good reason.

However, a security camera is only effective if it works properly. And one of the biggest problems with security cameras is a blurry image. According to our research, the leadin causes of a blurry image is a dirty camera.

Simply cleaning the camera lens likely would have improved the quality of the image above. As you may be able to tell, it looks like a spider has already abandoned the web it had spun on this camera.

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