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Walmart Says It Will Stop Selling Handgun, Some Rifle Ammo

Walmart announced earlier this week that it will stop selling handgun ammunition.

The retailer says once its stockpile gets sold off, sales stop on handgun ammo. Same goes for short-barrel rifle ammunition, too. Additionally, it will stop selling handguns in Alaska, the last place it sold those guns in stores.

Further, Walmart doesn’t want customers licensed to open-carry to do so in their stores anymore.

There are 3 Walmart stores in or very close to Schuylkill County, including Saint Clair, Hometown, and Hamburg.

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Walmart’s decision comes after a gunman near Odessa, Texas, killed 5 and injured dozens in a rampage following a recent traffic stop. And, of course, it’s more than a month since the mass murder event at an El Paso, Texas Walmart.

This is certainly Walmart’s right to make these decisions but it’s not coming without criticism.

On Tucker Carlson Tonight recently, the host railed against Walmart. His argument hits home to those who said Walmart killed what’s left of Schuylkill County’s retail landscape.

The company more responsible than any other company for destroying and degrading rural America, for making our towns uglier and cheaper and poorer. The same people who pushed the appalling lie that brightly colored plastic crap from China is going to make us happy. That company is now lecturing normal Americans, the very Americans that they have hurt, how immoral they are for daring to protect themselves with firearms.

Walmart to Stop Selling Handgun Ammo

The move represents the latest knee-jerk, senseless action taken by a retailer following a specific deadly gun crime that gets media attention. It won’t prevent the next gun crime in America and it doesn’t make ammunition any more difficult to find.

It’s worth noting that Walmart didn’t take any steps like this in the past any time there was a shooting involving a handgun in Allentown or Reading or Hazleton or Pottsville. This decision is a PR move and nothing else.

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Of course, this pointless decision by Walmart creates an opportunity for small, independent gun shop owners in Schuylkill County.

And there are quite a few of those. So it’s very likely that no one around here bought their ammo at Walmart anyway.

Check out this map of gun shops near Pottsville that will likely gladly pick up sales that Walmart doesn’t want anymore.

“The strongest defense of freedom has always been our free-market economy. It is shameful to see Walmart succumb to the pressure of the anti-gun elites. Lines at Walmart will soon be replaced by lines at other retailers who are more supportive of America’s fundamental freedoms,” the National Rifle Association said in a statement after Walmart’s announcement.

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