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Pottsville Parking and Traffic Restrictions for Yuengling 190 Event

The Yuengling 190th event this weekend in Pottsville is going to require closing some streets.

But you’ll still be able to motor on most of Centre Street, Route 61, Route 209 (including West Market Street in Pottsville) throughout the entirety of the Yuengling 190th.

Expect delays, city officials say.

Now that you know where you can drive in Pottsville this weekend, let’s take a look at where you can’t drive and when.

Friday, July 12 Traffic Restrictions

These roads are closed on Friday:

  • Laurel Boulevard (from Centre Street to Terry Reiley Way)
  • Progress Avenue (from E. Race St. to the US Post Office)

The Arch Street Parking Lot is closed. So, the person parking there can’t use it 😉

Saturday, July 12 Traffic Restrictions

Here’s where you can’t drive in Pottsville on Saturday starting at 6 a.m.:

  • Mahantongo Street (from S. 6th St. to S. 2nd St.)
  • S. 2nd St. (from Mahantongo St. to W. Norwegian St.)
  • N. 2nd St. (from W. Norwegian St. to W. Market St.)
  • W. Norwegian St. (from N. Centre St. to S. 3rd St.)

Those streets will re-open at about 8 p.m. Saturday.

However, these streets stay closed until about 6 a.m. Sunday morning:

  • Progress Ave. (from E. Norwegian St. to downtown Giant)
  • Laurel Blvd. (from N. Centre St. to Terry Reiley Way)
  • E. Race St. (from N. Centre St. to Progress Ave.)
  • E. Arch St. (from N. Centre St. to Terry Reiley Way)
  • E. Market St. (from N. Centre St. to Progress Ave.)

They also remind people that the Capitol Parking Deck will remain closed until Sunday morning.

If you’re in from out-of-town, it’s likely you’re aware of the parking game plan. If you decide to venture out on your own around the coal region, welcome. Just keep your eye out for some of the potholes!

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