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Luck of the Irish Clearly Doesn’t Apply to Weather

The “s” word is back in the forecast.

Schuylkill County has a strong Irish heritage and typically people speak of the luck of the Irish.

But that clearly doesn’t apply to the weather forecast, at least not this year.

On this St. Patrick’s Day, we’re most certainly unlucky, especially if you were hoping we’d maintain those beautiful late-Spring feelings we had last week.

In fact, this week, it will feel the complete opposite of how it did last week. There’s even a slight chance of snow showers one day this coming week.

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Schuylkill County 7-day Forecast

Here’s the latest 7-day forecast for Pottsville from National Weather Service …

Sunday 🌦️🌤️: A teensy chance of rain in the morning, then maybe a few showers until the afternoon. Partly sunny overall, with a high peaking at 52°. A lively west wind at 9 to 17 mph could whoosh with gusts up to 26 mph. Just a 20% chance of rain, so don’t cancel your plans yet!

Sunday Night 🌤️: Skies turn partly cloudy, cooling to 32°. The west wind keeps blowing at 10 to 14 mph, gusting to 20 mph, making it a crisp night.

Monday 🌨️☀️: Morning might see some flurries, mixing with rain by noon, but it all clears out later. Mostly sunny with a high around 43°. The west wind continues its brisk dance at 10 to 14 mph, gusting to 21 mph, and a slim 20% chance of precipitation.

Monday Night ☁️: The clouds gather, with the low sinking to 28°. The west wind remains steady at 11 to 14 mph, gusting as high as 21 mph.

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Tuesday 🌤️: We’re looking at partly sunny skies with a high near 41°. A cool but pleasant day.

Tuesday Night ☁️: Staying mostly cloudy with temperatures bottoming out around 32°. A quiet, chilly night.

Wednesday 🌤️💨: Partly sunny again, but with the temperature nudging up to 46°. It’s going to feel breezy, adding a bit of a chill.

Wednesday Night 🌤️💨: Partly cloudy and getting blustery, with the mercury dropping to a colder 24°. Bundle up!

Thursday ☀️💨: Bright sunshine but a high of only 39°, and yes, it’ll stay breezy. A crisp winter-like day.

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Thursday Night 🌌: Mostly clear skies and still chilly, with lows around 25°.

Friday 🌦️🌤️: A 30% chance of rain under partly sunny skies, with highs at a modest 41°. Keep that umbrella within reach.

Friday Night 🌧️☁️: The rain chance lingers into the night, mostly cloudy conditions, and a low near 29°. Precipitation odds stick at 30%.

Saturday 🌦️🌤️: Continuing the 30% rain chance, partly sunny with a slightly warmer high of 44°. Might be a damp start to the weekend.

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