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You’ll Be Too Busy Battening Down the Patio Furniture to Notice the Snow Showers

Batten down the trash cans!

The wind will pick up as the day progresses Sunday. Gusts are likely to hit 40 mph and get even strong into Monday.

Remember, we go under a Wind Advisory starting at 5 p.m. today and it’ll last until 8 p.m. on Monday.

And while you’re busy chasing your lawn furniture and empty trash cans down the street, you probably won’t even notice the snow .. yes, SNOW showers flying around today.

The chances of seeing snow are rather small and there’s basically no chance of accumulating snow on account of it being so warm lately.

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Don’t freak out. Once this blast of weather does what it’s going to do, we return to the unofficial Spring. In fact, this week ahead looks exceptionally mild.

Schuylkill County 7-day Forecast

Here’s the latest 7-day forecast for Pottsville from National Weather Service …

Sunday ❄️🌥️💨: A tiny hint of snow showers post-2pm, but mostly it’s just a cloudy and brisk day with highs around 40°. West winds are showing off, blasting at 14 to 20 mph, with gusts possibly hitting 40 mph. Snow chances are slim at 20%, so maybe just a flake or two for drama.

Sunday Night ☁️🌬️: The clouds stick around, and the temps dip to a chilly 31°. The wind’s not done yet, ramping up from the northwest at 23 to 30 mph, and don’t be shocked by gusts reaching 50 mph. Hold onto your hats!

Monday 🌤️☀️🌬️: We’re starting off partly sunny but then clearing up nicely to full sunshine, with a high warming up to 47°. The wind continues its wild dance, howling from the northwest at 28 to 30 mph, gusts as high as 50 mph again.

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Monday Night 🌌💨: The skies clear up completely, with lows around 34°. Still breezy, with a northwest wind at 17 to 24 mph, and gusts might chase up to 39 mph.

Tuesday ☀️: Hello, sunshine! Expect a beautiful sunny day with temperatures hitting a delightful 58°.

Tuesday Night 🌤️: Transitioning to partly cloudy with a low settling at 39°. A peaceful night ahead.

Wednesday ☀️: Mostly sunny skies dominate, pushing the mercury to a more generous 63°.

Wednesday Night 🌤️: Sticking to partly cloudy conditions, with lows cozying up to 44°. Pretty mild through the night.

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Thursday ☀️: The mostly sunny trend continues, aiming for highs in the lovely 64° range.

Thursday Night ☁️: The clouds decide to gather a bit, bringing lows to a warmer 47°.

Friday 🌦️☁️: Showers are on the agenda, mostly cloudy skies with highs at a spring-like 65°. There’s a fair 50% chance of rain, so might be a good idea to have that umbrella handy.

Friday Night 🌧️☁️: Showers becoming more likely, maintaining mostly cloudy conditions with lows sticking around 47°. Rain’s chances bump up to 60%.

Saturday 🌦️🌤️: Wrapping up with a chance of showers but also some partly sunny spells, high near 58°. Rain chances dial back to 30%, so it might not be a washout after all.

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