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Now May Be the Time to Put Away Your Winter Gear

A little afternoon and nighttime rain in today’s forecast.

We’ve been hesitant on advising you to put away your outdoor winter clothing for a while now. But judging from the looks of this 7-day forecast, it’s a safe bet that you can get away with it now.

There’s always a chance we could see another cold snap or even a burst of snow but for at least the next week, it seems highly unlikely.

Schuylkill County 7-day Forecast

Here’s the latest 7-day forecast for Pottsville from National Weather Service …

Wednesday 🌧️🌫️: Looks like rain’s planning to drop by mainly after 4pm, but before then, watch out for some patchy fog before 9am. Highs are aiming for a comfy 52°. The calm wind will pick up a northeast vibe at around 6 mph by the afternoon. Got an 80% chance of seeing some raindrops, with a little shower expected.

Wednesday Night 🌧️: Rain’s hanging out mainly before 1am, with temps cozying down to around 45°. The north wind’s getting a bit more lively, 5 to 13 mph, gusting up to 20 mph. It’s another 80% chance night for rain, so maybe a good night for indoor plans.

Thursday 🌦️🌤️: There’s a 30% chance of morning rain showers before it clears up a bit to partly sunny skies, highs reaching 54°. The north wind’s not messing around, blowing at 13 to 17 mph, and could hit gusts of 25 mph. Only expecting a light sprinkle if anything.

Thursday Night 🌤️: Moving into partly cloudy skies with lows dropping to a cool 36°. The north wind keeps it steady at around 10 mph.

Friday ☀️: The sun’s out in full force, mostly sunny skies with highs matching Thursday’s vibe at 54°. Looks like a solid start to the weekend!

Friday Night ☁️: Transitioning to mostly cloudy skies, with the thermometer barely budging, lows at 37°.

Saturday 🌧️: Showers are looking likely, especially after the noon hour, under mostly cloudy skies, highs taking a dip to 47°. Rain’s pretty much on the books with a 70% chance, so have that umbrella at the ready.

Saturday Night 🌧️: And the showers keep on coming, with lows around 40°. Rain’s nearly a sure thing with a 90% chance. Might be a good night for movie marathons.

Sunday 🌦️🌤️: Might catch some morning showers before it switches to partly sunny skies, highs hovering at 47° again but feeling breezy. There’s a 30% chance of rain, so it could go either way.

Sunday Night ☁️: The clouds aren’t quite ready to leave, bringing mostly cloudy conditions and a cooler low around 32°. And yep, it’s still breezy.

Monday ☀️💨: Kicking off the week with mostly sunny skies, but the temps are a bit cooler at 45°. Warning: it’s gonna be windy.

Monday Night 🌌: Mostly clear skies with the night temps at a slightly higher 33°, still feeling those breezy vibes.

Tuesday ☀️: Looks like a beautiful day ahead with sunny skies and a high warming up to 53°.

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