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Sunday Was a Stunner. Monday Will Be Monday

The start of a rather dreary week.

You’re going to find plenty of rain and clouds in this week’s forecast. So, if you’re a fan of that kind of miserable weather, this will be your kind of week.

If you’re like pretty much everyone else, you’ll try to find the silver lining in a day like today where there’s no rain in the forecast, just a lot of clouds. And hey, at least the temps will stay relatively warm.

Schuylkill County 7-day Forecast

Here’s the latest 7-day forecast for Pottsville from National Weather Service …

Monday 🌫️☁️: Waking up to some patchy fog before 10 a.m., but otherwise, we’re looking at mostly cloudy skies with highs cozying up to 56°. A calm wind decides to get a little adventurous, picking up southeast at 5 to 8 mph.

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Monday Night 🌧️: The rain’s clocking in for the night shift, mainly after 4 a.m., with lows at a snug 44°. Southeast winds keep it steady at 6 to 9 mph. Rain’s a lock at 100%, but it’s keeping things light on the watering front.

Tuesday 🌧️: It’s a rain-themed day, especially before the afternoon, aiming for a high near 51°. The east wind’s keeping it consistent at 6 to 9 mph. Yep, another 100% chance of rain, so maybe a good day to rock those rain boots. Expecting a bit more of a soak than Monday night.

Tuesday Night ☁️: Easing into mostly cloudy skies with the thermometer chilling at 44°. A gentle south breeze at 5 mph decides to take a break after midnight.

Wednesday 🌧️☁️: Showers are playing favorites, mainly showing up after 1 p.m. We’re under cloudy skies with a high teasing 55°. There’s a 60% chance of getting sprinkled on, with rainfall potentially adding up.

Wednesday Night 🌧️☁️💨: The shower trend continues, especially before 1 a.m., still under those cloudy skies and a low around 45°. It’s getting breezy, and the rain’s feeling pretty likely at 70%.

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Thursday 🌦️☁️💨: Morning might see some showers, but then it’s mostly cloudy with a high near 51°. The day’s feeling breezy with a cooler 30% chance of rain.

Thursday Night 🌤️: The clouds decide to part a bit, giving us partly cloudy skies and a low around 34°. A bit crisp, so might want to layer up.

Friday ☀️: Mostly sunny and looking fine with highs around 52°. The week’s brightening up just in time for the weekend.

Friday Night 🌧️☁️: But then, there’s a chance of showers rolling in, mostly cloudy with lows at a cool 37°. Rain’s tossing a 40% chance our way.

Saturday 🌧️☁️: Showers are liking the weekend vibe, mostly cloudy with highs at a chillier 46°. The rain’s pretty convinced it should stick around at a 70% chance.

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Saturday Night 🌧️☁️: Evening’s no different with showers likely and mostly cloudy skies, lows at 39°. Rain’s still in the game strong at 70%.

Sunday 🌦️☁️: Wrapping up the week with a chance of showers and mostly cloudy skies, highs near 47°. There’s a 40% chance of rain, so it might be a coin toss for outdoor plans.

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