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St. Clair Councilman Apologizes for Bizarre Comment About Bus Stop

Some thought the comment was funny. Others, not so much.

A St. Clair councilman apologized last week for a comment he made in February regarding a problematic bus stop.

Several residents attended the St. Clair Borough Council workshop meeting on Feb. 29 demanding some action against Councilman Tony Klazas. 

On Feb. 8, Klazas made a comment during a discussion about a bus stop in Arnot’s Addition.

Council was discussing safety concerns at a particular bus stop in that village. Speeding traffic appears to be a concern but it was also brought to council’s attention that a sidewalk where kids stand to wait for the school bus is in poor condition. Kids apparently stand on a curb and there’s a feeling that they’re putting themselves at risk of getting hit by passing vehicles.

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New signage and police enforcement were discussed as possibilities of getting motorists to slow down near this bus stop. 

Klazas then suggested the possibility of a “housing” unit where school kids could wait for the bus. 

“Is there a possibility to have a housing, to keep the kids confined in, like, a containment unit,” he asked.

He was told that among the 25 or so kids who wait for the bus at this stop, there may be conflicts and potential trouble. 

Hearing that, Klazas quickly responded, in an off-the-cuff manner, “Well, kill the other ones. Just put the other ones in a box.”

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That comment drew chuckles from some of his fellow council members, based on what The Canary saw on a live stream of the meeting. 

“I’m just looking for ways to keep the kids off the street,” Klazas added.

But his comment didn’t sit too well with some of his constituents. 

There’s currently a petition that’s seeking his removal from council. It’s been signed by more than 100 people, as of March 3. 

And last week, on Feb. 29, some attended the council’s workshop meeting to express their frustration.

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“It’s not okay, sir. You’re supposed to be someone we look up to as our councilperson,” St. Clair resident Vikki Rarick said during last week’s meeting. 

When he was confronted at that meeting regarding his comment earlier in February, Klazas initially said he didn’t remember saying it. 

He then apologized for saying it.

“I don’t remember what I said. I apologize for that. I don’t remember saying that. I didn’t threaten anyone,” Klazas said. “I apologize sincerely for that. I sure didn’t mean anything by that. I have my own children and grandchildren. I apologize. There’s nothing more that I can do. I apologize. It wasn’t meant in that context. I apologize. I sure didn’t mean anything as to kill any children.”

Rarick wasn’t happy with the apology Klazas issued on Thursday, noting that he initially said he didn’t remember making the remark.

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“That was a terroristic threat. If any one of us would have said that, we would have been put in cuffs,” she said. 

Photo Caption: St. Clair Councilman Tony Klazas apologizes for a comment he made at a previous council meeting during a discussion of safety concerns at a bus stop in Arnot’s Addition. (Coal Region Canary photo)

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