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Rain Gives Way to Warmth … At Least for a Few Days

A rainy start to the weekend but it won’t last forever.

Have your umbrellas ready for a bit of an early-day soaker on Saturday. We could seek up to a half-inch of rain before that moves on out and brings in a bit of warmth the rest of the weekend.

Temps in the upper 50s and low 60s greet us through Tuesday before some more seasonal air returns for the rest of next week.

Schuylkill County 7-day Forecast

Here’s the latest 7-day forecast for Pottsville from National Weather Service …

Saturday 🌧️: It’s a rain-filled day, especially before the afternoon, with highs chilling at 48°. An east breeze at 7 to 9 mph keeps things fresh. Rain’s a sure bet at 100%, so don’t forget that umbrella, expecting a decent soak.

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Saturday Night 🌫️☁️: Evening’s coming with a hint of drizzle before 7pm and some foggy vibes. Otherwise, it’s mostly cloudy skies with the temp hovering around 42°. The breeze takes a chill pill, going light and variable.

Sunday 🌤️: The sun’s playing peek-a-boo, giving us partly sunny skies and a warm up to 60°. A calm wind swings north at 5 mph by the afternoon, making for a pretty sweet end to the weekend.

Sunday Night ☁️: The clouds aren’t going anywhere, keeping it mostly cloudy with lows at a comfy 45°. Winds stay light and just go with the flow.

Monday ☁️: Sticking with mostly cloudy skies, but we’re hitting highs near 56°. Looks like a chill start to the week.

Monday Night ☁️: More of the same with mostly cloudy evenings and lows cozying up to 45°.

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Tuesday ☁️: Clouds still got us covered, but temps are pushing to a pleasant 60°. Feels like spring’s trying to make a point.

Tuesday Night 🌧️☁️: Rain’s on the maybe list after 1am, keeping it mostly cloudy with lows at 45°. There’s a 30% chance, so might wanna keep an eye on that.

Wednesday 🌧️☁️: The day’s flirting with a 50% chance of showers, under mostly cloudy skies, and highs near 55°. Could be a good day for a rain soundtrack.

Wednesday Night 🌧️☁️: Evening’s also looking at a 50% chance of rain, staying mostly cloudy with temps dipping to 42°.

Thursday 🌦️🌤️: Showers might pop up again, but it’s partly sunny with a high near 52°. Rain’s keeping it interesting at a 40% chance.

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Thursday Night 🌧️☁️: Night brings a 30% chance of showers, with mostly cloudy skies and a low around 38°.

Friday 🌧️☁️: Ending the week on a maybe rainy note, mostly cloudy with highs about 49°. The chance of precipitation hangs around 40%.

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