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Cold Enough For Ya?

Okay, campers, rise and shine, and don’t forget your booties ’cause it’s cooooold out there today.

Why don’t people say “Cold enough for ya?” when it’s really cold? They say the opposite when it’s really hot.

We do have a counter to the popular line “It’s not the heat; it’s the humidity,” but you don’t often hear people say, “It wouldn’t be so cold if it weren’t for the wind.”

Well, on Sunday, it wouldn’t be so cold if it weren’t for the wind. That’s the way it was on Saturday.

We were in Mount Carbon covering a fire and yeah, it was cold. But with the buildings and all the activity on the street, it didn’t feel nearly as windy. Some might disagree.

For a little bit during that activity, we took a break and went down to Sweet Arrow Lake to try and get some pics of Canada geese chilling on the freezing water.

Down there, there are no buildings and it was downright frigid.

Expect more of that today.

We fear by the end of this so-called thaw next week, the toes will only have just returned to their normal color before it gets cold again.

Schuylkill County 7-day Forecast

Here’s the latest 7-day forecast for Pottsville from National Weather Service …

Sunday ☀️❄️💨: A sunny day with a high near 27°. Wind chill values could feel as low as zero. A brisk northwest wind at 11 to 17 mph, gusting up to 32 mph.

Sunday Night 🌌: Mostly clear, with a chilly low around 12°. Lighter northwest wind at 3 to 8 mph.

Monday ☀️: Mostly sunny skies, with temperatures warming to around 32°. A gentle southwest breeze at 3 to 8 mph.

Monday Night ☁️: Mostly cloudy, with a low near 24°. West wind around 7 mph.

Tuesday 🌧️☁️: A chance of rain, primarily before 1 p.m. Mostly cloudy, with a high near 39°. Precipitation chance: 30%.

Tuesday Night 🌧️☁️: Rain possible. Cloudy skies, with a low around 32°. Chance of precipitation: 40%.

Wednesday 🌧️☁️: Rain likely, especially before 1 p.m. Cloudy, with a high near 39°. Rain probability: 60%.

Wednesday Night 🌧️☁️: Rain likely again, mainly after 1 a.m. Cloudy, with a low around 35°. Chance of precipitation: 60%.

Thursday 🌧️: Expect rain throughout the day. High near 46°. Rain chance: 80%.

Thursday Night 🌧️☁️: Continued rain likely. Cloudy, with a low around 42°. Precipitation probability: 60%.

Friday 🌦️☁️: A chance of showers in mostly cloudy conditions. High near 51°, the warmest of the week. Rain chance: 40%.

Friday Night ☁️: Mostly cloudy, with a low around 39°.

Saturday ☁️: Mostly cloudy again, with a high near 47°.

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