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Let’s All Run to the Store and Stock Up on Sunblock!

A few more peaceful days until panic starts setting in with the weekend forecast.

What if we all acted like we do with an impending snowstorm when we knew it’d be sunny the next day?

That’d be a bit strange but is it any stranger than stocking up on French toast supplies ahead of a storm?

If we did act like that, we’d all have been complaining for the last couple days about how the stores are all out of SPF-20 sunblock.

If we did act like that, we’d have already been to the store to get our bottles of Coppertone in anticipation of a day like today.

Ahead of this weekend’s probable winter storm, we’re being treated to some nice early-winter weather. And today will be no exception.

Schuylkill County 7-day Forecast

Here’s the latest 7-day forecast for Pottsville from National Weather Service …

Wednesday: A day filled with plenty of sunshine and a high around 39°. Feel the gentle west breeze at 6 to 9 mph.

Wednesday Night: As darkness falls, expect more cloud cover, cooling to about 28°. A light west wind persists around 5 mph.

Thursday: The day starts mostly cloudy, then gradually clears to sunshine, with a high near 37°. The west wind picks up, blowing at 5 to 15 mph and gusting as high as 25 mph, adding a brisk feel.

Thursday Night: The clear sky brings a chill, with lows around 20°. The northwest wind at 9 to 15 mph might gust up to 21 mph.

Friday: A sun-drenched day awaits, with temperatures reaching about 34°.

Friday Night: Clouds return, with temperatures dropping to around 23°.

Saturday: Snow becomes likely after 2 p.m., amidst mostly cloudy conditions. The high hovers near 34°, with a 60% chance of snow.

Saturday Night: Expect snow, turning the evening breezy. The temperature settles around 29°, with snow probability at a high 90%.

Sunday: Snow is likely, especially before 8 a.m. The day remains mostly cloudy, with highs near 36°. Snow chances: 60%.

Sunday Night: More clouds roll in, with lows around 24°.

Monday: The sun makes a comeback, creating a mostly sunny day with a high near 37°.

Monday Night: Clouds gather again, with lows about 24°.

Tuesday: A mix of rain and snow, bringing a high near 47°. A significant chance of precipitation at 80%.

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