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Dreaming of 50 on Christmas

It’s going to feel like Miami on Christmas … well, not really.

‘Twas the Friday before Christmas, in Pottsville so fair, The clouds gathered above, with a chill in the air.

Today, the clouds, mostly hidden from sight, Would reach a high near 37, with calm winds just right. By afternoon, a southeast breeze, soft and mild, Would sweep through the town, gentle as a child.

As Friday night fell, the clouds lingered still, With a low around 28, a slight winter chill. The southeast wind, around 5 mph it’s true, Would become a calm whisper as the evening grew.

Come Saturday, the skies, a cloudy gray dome, With a high near 41, as calm winds roamed. From southeast, they’d come, 5 to 7 mph to start, In the morning’s first light, a gentle work of art.

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Saturday night brought a change, a twist in the tale, A chance of rain, with clouds like a veil. A low around 34, as the southeast wind eased, To a calm in the evening, the town slightly teased.

Sunday’s dawn, with a slight chance of showers, Before 1 pm struck on the town’s quiet hours. Mostly cloudy skies, with a high near 45, A 20% chance of rain, the day would survive.

As Sunday night fell, the clouds stayed in sight, With a low around 36, under the moonlight.

Then Christmas Day came, with joy and cheer, Mostly cloudy skies, but the spirit was clear. A high near 48, a festive day’s start, As Christmas warmth filled every heart.

Monday night followed, the festivities done, Mostly cloudy skies, with a low around 38, no sun.

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Tuesday arrived, with a chance of rain, Mostly cloudy skies, a high near 49, a familiar refrain. A 50% chance, the rain might just dance, Upon Pottsville’s streets, a wet, merry prance.

Tuesday night’s story, rain likely indeed, Mostly cloudy, a low around 44, the plants to feed. A 70% chance, the rain’s steady flow, Would bring life and freshness, a gentle glow.

Wednesday came next, rain likely to stay, Mostly cloudy skies, a high near 50, a rainy day. A 60% chance, the clouds would release, Their watery bounty, for a moment’s peace.

Wednesday night’s tale, a chance of showers, Mostly cloudy skies, with a low around 39, nature’s powers. A 40% chance, the rain might play, In Pottsville’s streets, in its own way.

Thursday, the finale, a chance of showers still, Mostly cloudy skies, a high near 47, a slight chill. A 30% chance, the rain might linger, In Pottsville’s heart, like a Christmas singer.

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So there’s the forecast, in a tale so bright, A Pottsville Christmas, wrapped in winter’s light.

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