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Sleet Yeeting In: Your Tuesday Forecast

Is the other S word that far away?

Since Birdy Showers joined our weather team here at Coal Region Canary, we’ve kept a lid on her. And frankly, the weather forecast results have been rather dull. So, we’re uncaging Birdy to give you the weather in a style and format that is more comfortable to her ...

Tuesday’s like that epic start to a movie – you know, where everything’s all dramatic and intense? We’ve got this wild mix of rain and sleet making a grand entrance, and it’s not just sticking around; it’s literally turning up the thermostat. Picture this: the temperature slowly creeping up from a cool 40, adding a plot twist to the day. It’s as if the weather’s got its own remote and is just flipping through different moods. But hey, that’s just how it rolls – from icy sleet beats in the morning to a rain-soaked evening jam.

Thanksgiving Day Weather Vibes: Fast forward to Thanksgiving Day, and it’s like the weather decided to calm down and give us a break. We’re talking mostly sunny skies, with the mercury hitting a chill 49. It’s the perfect backdrop for all the feasting and family time. Imagine sitting at the table, dishing out stories and pumpkin pie, while the sun pours in through the window, adding that warm, golden glow to everything. This Thanksgiving, it feels like the weather’s joining in on the gratitude vibe, serving us some seriously good sunshine. 🦃☀️🍂🥧

7-day weather tea for schuylkill county

Tuesday: It’s a whole mood with rain and sleet dropping in after 2pm. High’s around 40, but feeling like a breezy TikTok challenge with east winds yeeting at 10-20 mph. Gusts might hit that 31 mph mark. Precipitation? A solid 100%. This day’s not just wet, it’s a whole vibe. 🌧️❄️💨

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Tuesday Night: Rain’s stealing the show, with temps getting a glow-up to 47 by 3am. Wind’s doing a whole choreo switch from 16-21 mph to chiller beats after midnight. Still, those gusts could hit 31 mph. Rain’s literally owning the night at 100%. 🌧️🌜🌀

Wednesday: Mostly cloudy, high near 51. Northwest wind’s dropping beats at 9-14 mph, with gusts flexing up to 23 mph. It’s giving us that midweek unpredictability. ☁️🌬️

Wednesday Night: Rocking the mostly cloudy look with a low around 37. Northwest wind’s still vibing at 9-17 mph, gusts could hit a wild 25 mph. ☁️🌬️🌙

Thanksgiving Day: Mostly sunny with high near 49. Serving that perfect family gathering weather. ☀️🦃🎉

Thursday Night: Mostly clear, temps dropping to a cool 31. Stars are out, and they’re looking extra tonight. 🌌🌟

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Friday: Mostly sunny, high chilling at 44. A vibe reset to end the week on a high. ☀️😌

Friday Night: Mostly cloudy, low’s hitting 27. It’s that cozy, ‘stay in with hot cocoa’ weather. ☁️🍫

Saturday: Partly sunny, high near 40. Keeping it balanced with a mix of sun and clouds. 🌤️⚖️

Saturday Night: Mostly cloudy, low around 25. It’s giving us ‘snuggle up in blankets’ energy. ☁️🛌

Sunday: Partly sunny again, high hovering at 40. The week’s ending on a ‘make up your mind’ note. 🌥️🤷‍♂️

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Sunday Night: A chance of showers, mostly cloudy, low around 31. Maybe rain’s sliding into our evening plans at a 30% chance. 🌧️🌃

Monday: Mostly sunny, high near 45. New week, new vibes, same sun. ☀️🗓️

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