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If You’ve Got Hatches, You Best Batten Them This Weekend

Can’t really complain much about this weather lately.

The expected cool-down next week doesn’t look like it’s going to happen. We’ll see highs in the mid-60s. Some overnight lows may bring some frost next weekend, but it is almost November, so that’s to be expected.

Until then, we’ll have to endure a really windy weekend. Forecast wind gusts are in the 30s Saturday and Sunday. But it looks like the rain will be out of here for a while.

Here is the upcoming weather forecast for Schuylkill County:

  • Saturday 🌥: The day emerges under a mainly cloudy expanse, anticipating a mild high of 57°. The northwest wind, however, remains restless, blowing at 9 to 16 mph and occasionally gusting up to a brisk 34 mph.
  • Saturday Night 🌔: Evening unveils a partly cloudy sky, with temperatures easing to around 41°. The westerly wind remains spirited, rushing at 13 to 17 mph and occasionally mustering gusts up to 33 mph.
  • Sunday ⛅: Sunday promises a partly sunny atmosphere, accompanied by a high near 52°. But hold onto your hats! It’s going to be a breezy affair with northwest winds whirling between 14 to 22 mph, and gusts might hit a lively 32 mph.
  • Sunday Night 🌥: As night ensues, the sky predominantly veils itself with clouds. Temperatures drop to a cooler 38°. The breezy theme continues with northwest winds maintaining speeds of 18 to 20 mph, and gusts occasionally spiking up to 30 mph.
  • Monday ☀: Monday greets you with a radiant, clear sky, warming up to a comfortable 56°.
  • Monday Night 🌌: Come evening, keep an eye out for patchy frost after 4am. The rest of the night, though, enjoys clarity with temperatures hovering around a chilly 36°.
  • Tuesday ☀: Morning may offer areas of frost up until 9am. But as the day advances, the sun dominates, pushing the temperature to an inviting 61°.
  • Tuesday Night 🌕: A vast, clear sky watches over the night as temperatures settle around 44°.
  • Wednesday ☀️: Under a mostly sunny sky, Wednesday’s temperature aims for a high near 67°.
  • Wednesday Night 🌥: Evening clouds gather, bringing in a low around 50°.
  • Thursday ⛅: The sky turns a tad more reserved, displaying a partly sunny demeanor and reaching a high near 66°.
  • Thursday Night 🌥: Clouds remain prominent, casting a shadow over the night, with temperatures easing to around 48°.
  • Friday ⛅: Friday offers another chapter of partly sunny tales, accompanying a mild high of 63°.

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