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Cardinals Coach Kingsbury Talks About the People of Pottsville

As if we’d just lift the curse just to be nice.

arizona cardinals pottsville maroons curse kliff kingsbury

Arizona Cardinals head coach Kliff Kingsbury is talking about the people of Pottsville and the curse we have on his football team.

But honestly, it sounds like he’s trying to pull a snow job on us a couple days too soon.

Kingsbury Addresses Pottsville Maroons Curse on Cardinals Ahead of NFL Playoff Game

The Cardinals never really formally addressed the curse that Pottsville’s placed on their franchise.

Any time it’s discussed nationally, they stay silent, toiling in the basement of whatever division they’re calling home at the time.

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But this year’s a little different. They’re having a rare season by their standards: they’re good. And the Cardinals are in the playoffs with a big game on Monday night against division rivals, the LA Rams.

They’ll be in LA for Monday’s game because the Cardinals really limped into the playoffs. Arizona’s lost 4 of its last 5 games. And that late-season collapse happened to coincide with the airing of an ESPN podcast which discussed the Pottsville Maroons and the city’s curse on the franchise.

It wasn’t a coincidence at all. The curse is very real and finally, the Cardinals – at least one person on the team – is addressing it for the first time.

According to a report from Arizona Republic reporter Greg Moore, Kingsbury addressed the curse and the fine people of Pottsville.

Kingsbury told Moore, “I’m sure they’re very lovely people in Pottsville. I hope that they will rescind the curse very soon.”

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Sorry, Kliff. Not happening. There’s no reason to lift the curse now or ever until the Cardinals return the title to Pottsville.

Pottsville Maroons the Focus of The New York Times Article, Too

This isn’t the only mention of the Maroons this week in mainstream national media.

Pottsville, its beloved Maroons, and the very real curse are the focus of an article in The New York Times on Jan. 14. It considers the reality of the curse given that the Cardinals football franchise has the longest championship drought in all of professional sports, at 74 years (and counting).


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