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my butts been wiped biden

Joe Biden has had his share of verbal and physical blunders since becoming President.

He’s had plenty prior to that, too, of course.

But the one he delivered on Sunday to a press gaggle on the White House lawn had a lot of people scratching their heads the rest of the day.

Did Biden Say “My Butt’s Been Wiped”?

Listen closely to the video below and tell us if you definitely hear him tell one “reporter” that his “butt’s been wiped.”

Watch it a thousand times and the more you hear it, the more it definitely sounds like Biden is saying, “My butt’s been wiped.”

It’s definitely an odd thing to say to a reporter, unless of course, that reporter’s beat is Biden’s butt. You could make an argument that the #FakeNews media is so far up the President’s butt that it’s hard to tell where he ends and they begin. So, him telling the reporter that his butt’s been wiped wouldn’t exactly be news to them. They would have already known.

Now, before Twitter and other social media sites flag this article for spreading misinformation and other “journalists and fact-checkers” intercede to make sure this report isn’t shared across the internet, we don’t actually believe Biden said “My butt’s been wiped.”

If you find a lengthier video of this exchange with a reporter, you’ll see Biden appears to be mocking a reporter’s grating tone on a question about budget reconciliation.

She felt the need to shout that question at the President with Marine One whirring in the background.

So, in a rare kudos to Biden from us here at The Canary, good for him for mocking the “journalist” who may have actually been asking if the President wiped his butt.


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