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US Rep. Dan Meuser slammed the Democrat idea that public schools need more cash to “reopen safely” after the COVID pandemic.

In this Facebook video posted by Meuser, the Congressman who represents Schuylkill County in Washington DC says Congress has already provided $68 billion to schools for their COVID reopening plans.

Meuser is talking about the proposed $1.9 trillion stimulus bill the Biden administration keeps pushing as a necessity in reopening the country. The President and Democrats believe, of course, the path to reopening safely after the pandemic requires throwing millions or billions of dollars at the problems they believe exist.

Meanwhile, some schools have been open for months while others remain closed. In his video, Meuser claims 50% of Pennsylvania public schools aren’t even using a hybrid learning model where students attend in-person classes at least on a part-time basis.

Meuser Says Schools Need to Reopen – Stimulus Money Unnecessary

In arguing against including even more funding for schools for COVID reopening plans, Meuser says the Congressional Budget Office stated that only 4% of the $68 billion proposed in the stimulus bill would go to school funding this year. The rest is spaced out over the next several years.

“This added spending has little to do with schools reopening safely,” Meuser says. “Congress has provided all the money need to reopen safely. Open the schools!”

Locally, Schuylkill County school districts have already received more than $20 million in funding from the Elementary and Secondary School Emergency Relief Fund (ESSER), a part of the CARES Act, to pay for cleaning and safety supplies so schools can reopen safely.

Democrats believe schools need even more money. And, of course, schools will always say they need more money.

Check out Meuser’s full message below:


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One response to Meuser Says Schools Need to Reopen – Don’t Need Any More Money

  1. PTFloridians March 3rd, 2021 at 10:07 pm

    Dan’s right…
    …now DO what you say, and mean it.
    …DON’T be held hostage by the teachers union cartel. Their run is over…it’s time to change the game.


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