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Wolf Commutes Sentence for 13 Murderers Serving Life Sentences

pennsylvania gov tom wolf commutes 13 life sentences murder

pennsylvania gov tom wolf commutes 13 life sentences murder

Pennsylvania Gov. Tom Wolf proudly announced he commuted 13 life sentences for convicted murderers last week.

The Governor’s Office says the 13 commutations were recommended by the Pennsylvania Board of Pardons, headed by Lt. Gov. John Fetterman.

Per the process, the Board of Pardons’ recommendations are sent to Wolf, who then individually selects whose sentences are commuted and not.

PA Gov. Tom Wolf Commutes Sentences of 13 Convicted Murderers

Wolf said, “These 13 individuals have served time for their crimes and deserve now a second chance. They now have a chance to begin a life outside of prison that I hope is fulfilling for each of them.”

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Of those convicts getting their sentences commuted are a man in his 80s and 3 men and 1 woman in their 70s. Four of them were convicted of first-degree murder. The other 9 were convicted of second-degree murder. Nine of the murderers are from Philadelphia County, 3 are from Allegheny County and 1 is from Lancaster County.

In a statement boasting about this very virtuous move, Wolf highlighted the story of some of the murderers, presumably trying to pull at your heart strings.

He says the Evans brothers, Reid and Wyatt, of Philadelphia, have served 40 years of their life sentences. They were convicted in 1981. The Evans’ carjacked and robbed a 68-year-old man at gunpoint. They stole his vehicle. The victim suffered a fatal heart attack the next day.

Dennis and Lee Horton have served 27 years in prison for a robbery and fatal shooting back in 1993. They apparently turned down a plea deal that would have set them free no later than 2003. Instead, they put their fate in the jury’s hands and they sentenced them to life in prison. The Hortons apparently still insist they’re innocent of the crimes.

Fetterman said, “Each of these Pennsylvanians is fully deserving of the chance to return to their families and start a new life.”

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Here’s the list of the people whose life sentences for murder are being commuted:

  • George Burkhardt, 83, Lancaster County
    • Served 30 years (Murder 2)
  • Daniel Cummings, 75, Philadelphia County
    • Served 38 years (Murder 1)
  • Eric Eisen, 52, Allegheny County
    • Served 26 years (Murder 2)
  • Reid Evans, 57, Philadelphia County
    • Served 39 years (Murder 2)
  • Wyatt Evans, 58, Philadelphia County
    • Served 39 years (Murder 2)
  • Charlie Goldblum, 71, Allegheny County
    • Served 42 years (Murder 1)
  • Charles Haas, 72, Philadelphia County
    • Served 41 years (Murder 2)
  • Dennis Horton, 51, Philadelphia County
    • Served 27 years (Murder 2)
  • Lee Horton, 55, Philadelphia County
    • Served 27 years (Murder 2)
  • Avis Lee, 59, Allegheny County
    • Served 40 years (Murder 2)
  • Francisco Mojita Sr., 58, Philadelphia County
    • Served 28 years (Murder 2)
  • Mildred Strickland, 75, Philadelphia County
    • Served 31 years (Murder 1)
  • Gregory Stover, 55, Philadelphia County
    • Served 32 years (Murder 1)

Online Reaction to Pennsylvania Gov. Tom Wolf Commuting Sentence of 13 Murderers

The reaction to this action was not welcomed by many online. They took to the Governor’s tweet pronouncing the commutations to tell him about it.

Twitter user @FSWalcott writes, “Can you also give clemency to those they murdered?”

One user focused on the idea that Fetterman and Wolf believe these murderers have a “second chance” at life but their victims, obviously do not.

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“Have the family of the victims been given an opportunity for their stories to be told?” writes @MoDogs2.

@TamLaBam_1 echoed that sentiment in a tweet, writing, “Didn’t they commit murder? Wonder how the families of the deceased feel.”

Of course, the Governor will always have his backers. One charming Wolf supporter tweeted, “Let the governor, govern! All you hillbillies that have something to say, please stick to your skill sets of cow tipping and Hoedowns.”

Image: Office of the Governor

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1 Comment

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