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Coronavirus in Pennsylvania

Inconsistent Wolf Says Trump Rallies are Dangerous, Manipulative, and Wrong

tom wolf trump rallies coronavirus black lives matter protest

tom wolf trump rallies coronavirus black lives matter protest

Tom Wolf has clearly contracted the Election Infection. And he doesn’t want you to get it because you probably won’t vote the way he wants you to vote.

As Election Day nears, Pennsylvania’s Governor is turning increasingly vindictive and petty. And now he’s working to shut down or at least shun rallies in support of President Donald Trump.

Wolf Says Trump Rallies are “Dangerous, Manipulative, Wrong”

On Friday, Wolf issued a statement on concerns he had with Trump rallies being held all across Pennsylvania.

He says these rallies are putting Pennsylvania lives at risk because he’s seeing very little social distancing and mask wearing. Wolf says Trump should stop holding these rallies. He says he’s worried they’re putting all our lives at risk but in reality, he’s upset that Trump clearly enjoys widespread popular support in Pennsylvania.

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“I am requesting that the President of the United States not endanger Pennsylvanians by holding unsafe rallies that will put Pennsylvania communities at risk,” Wolf says in a statement issued late last week.

So far, there’s no evidence to suggest that any of the rallies Trump has held in Pennsylvania led to increased COVID-19 infections. That’d require data to back up such a claim and Wolf doesn’t deal in data when confronting the pandemic.

Instead, it’s unconstitutional mandates and arbitrary rulings from the Wolf administration.

“Flat Out Wrong”

But that wasn’t the end of the fear mongering from the man who’s made himself the lone voice (or wolf) on battling the coronavirus pandemic here in Pennsylvania.

Wolf says it’s “gravely concerning” that Trump would put his political fortunes ahead of the lives of Pennsylvanians.

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“His decision to bring thousands of people together in a tight space in the midst of a global pandemic caused by an airborne virus is flat out wrong. No matter what party you support, all Americans should be very concerned that the president has put headlines and publicity above the health and safety of our families and communities,” Wolf continued.

Wolf says this as, even though there have been increased reports recently of positive COVID-19 cases, the virus doesn’t appear to be nearly as deadly as it was in the Spring and early summer.

But the Governor says it’s the President who’s ignoring the science.

“It is dangerous and disappointing that the president continues to ignore science and his own health advisors while putting the lives of those who support him at risk,” Wolf said in his statement.

Again, there have been no reports of anyone dying after attending a Trump rally in Pennsylvania.

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Deliciously Rich and Hypocritical

What Wolf says next in his statement is even more rich. He spews Democrat Party talking points and puts the blame for the entire pandemic on Trump.

“The president has admitted to lying about the severity of the COVID-19 pandemic, and in the meantime, our country has lost more than 200,000 lives on his watch. While we continue to see only tepid and contradictory attempts at leadership from the White House, families have lost loved ones, the economy has taken a massive hit and communities are crying out for help,” Wolf said last week.

Yeah, that’s rich. It’s all wrong, but rich nonetheless.

Let’s look at the reality of the situation. Pennsylvania’s current situation is wholly the result of Wolf’s response to the pandemic, not Trump’s.

The deaths from COVID-19 complications in Pennsylvania are more the responsibility of Wolf and Health Sec. Rachel Levine than anyone. They’re the ones who decided to send COVID-positive patients from hospitals into long term care facilities that couldn’t properly isolate them from the rest of the residents. Close to 70% of the COVID deaths in Pennsylvania happened among long term care facility residents.

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And Pennsylvania’s economy took a “massive hit” not because of anything Trump did.

Trump didn’t enact unconstitutional business closure orders. That was Wolf.

Trump didn’t arbitrarily shut down so-called non-essential businesses at the start of the pandemic and keep Pennsylvanians in the dark on why those decisions were made. That was Wolf, of course.

In fact, up until about a month ago, no one in the Wolf administration said too much negatively about Trump or the cooperation they’ve enjoyed with the White House in securing PPE, tests, or ventilators.

But as we get closer to the election, the tone is changing sharply. Now, per his statement, the President’s response is “tepid” and features “contradictory attempts at leadership.”

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And every chance he gets to speak at press conferences, Wolf finds a new way to blame Republicans, in general, and Trump and a majority of the General Assembly for all the problems caused by the pandemic response. The governor even blames Republicans in Harrisburg for legislation that’ garnered bi-partisan support in the General Assembly.

Just Causes for Me, Not for Thee

The conclusion of Wolf’s statement is the richest of all though. In it, he completely ignores the recent past and attacks Trump for holding these rallies and shames Pennsylvanians for attending them.

“To hold this event is not just misguided, it is dangerous, it is manipulative and it is wrong. I would ask Pennsylvanians to think of the health and safety of their families and their communities before attending this event or any rally put on by the Trump campaign,” he said.

The governor says Trump should “put the health of his constituents ahead of his own political fortunes.”

Again, very rich stuff from the Governor.

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Does he think we’ve got turnips growing from our ears or something? Does he think we simply forgot his actions back in June?

Remember back in June when Wolf took to the streets of Harrisburg and joined a Black Lives Matter protest? When he got called out on this clearly hypocritical behavior, the Governor tried to justify his actions. He said his appearance at the protest was “inconsistent” with his Yellow phase mandates against congregate settings and stay-at-home orders. But even as he said it was “inconsistent” he justified it (in his own mind) by saying the Black Lives Matter cause was very important to him. And don’t forget, when Wolf marched in the BLM protest, the coronavirus was claiming more lives and infecting more people than it is now.

Funny how it’s OK for him to join a political movement and go against his own guidelines, but it’s not only not OK that other Pennsylvanians do the same by showing up at rallies in support of the President, it’s downright dangerous.

Doesn’t he understand how strongly we feel about going to a Trump rally?


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  1. Frank

    September 29, 2020 at 4:43 pm

    “ our country has lost more than 200,000 lives on his watch.”

    Does Wolf say that over 7,000 Pennsylvanians lost their lives on his own watch?

  2. Kitty

    September 30, 2020 at 6:34 pm

    Wolf has to b kidding! He marched w/protesters & there was no social distancing!!
    & If u are not worried @ voter mail- in fraud in PA, take another look. At our home, we received mine mail in & there’s only two ppl

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