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Coronavirus in Pennsylvania

Mahanoy Area Addresses Coronavirus Rumors

mahanoy area coronavirus

UPDATE: Schuylkill County Schools Closed 2 Weeks on Coronavirus Fears

mahanoy area coronavirus

On Wednesday, Mahanoy Area School District stressed to the community: “Mahanoy is NOT closing.”

The school presumably is responding to some #FakeNews about pending school closures in response to the COVID-19 coronavirus outbreak.

It issued a statement on the school district website and Facebook page. School officials say all official information regarding the coronavirus outbreak will be relayed through those two channels.

“Please check either of these each evening for any and all updates. These will be the only two areas you will find correct and accurate information concerning our school district. Anything else you hear consider to be rumors and untrue,” the statement reads in part.

Mahanoy Area Attempts to Calm Coronavirus Closure Rumors

The school may be responding to the reaction from a letter it shared with parents back on March 10. In a story first reported by The Shenandoah Sentinel, the district outlined specific measures it would potentially take to quarantine some students.

Specifically, Mahanoy Area says it will quarantine any student who fits the following descriptions:

  • Anyone traveling outside the continental United States: The school says it will prevent any student and their household from entering district property for 14 days.
  • Anyone traveling within the US with elevated cases of coronavirus: Again, the school will block these students and any member of their household from Mahanoy Area.
  • New students to Mahanoy Area from outside the USA or communities in the US with an outbreak: The school is quarantining these students for 14 days before they start class. They need a doctor’s note clearing them to eventually start school at Mahanoy.

If Mahanoy Area students are planning to travel, during this time of heightened alert, they’re being told to take home all their textbooks, notebooks, study guides, and other supplies before they leave. Should the school quarantine that student, someone from Mahanoy Area would contact them regarding missed work.

At no time does the school indicate there are any cases of coronavirus within Mahanoy Area.

This information is slightly different from the cookie-cutter letters several other schools sent to parents recently. In those, districts generally say they’re monitoring the coronavirus outbreak and only advising students and staff to practice good hygiene and if they’re feeling sick, to stay home.


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