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The owner of the Hidden Treasures antique store in downtown Pottsville says “personal circumstances” led her to the decision to close up shop.

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Melissa Stanberry, the owner of Hidden Treasures antiques, says she’s holding a fixtures and furniture sale on Saturday, January 25. Stop by and make a reasonable offer. An auctioneer is heading to the shop on the 27th to take care of much of the merchandise in the store.

Antique Store Closing in Downtown Pottsville

Hidden Treasures is located at 22 S. Centre St. in Pottsville. It’s in the old Raring Shoes building. Before Hidden Treasures moved in, it was last a photo studio.

For Hidden Treasures’ owner Stanberry, her 12 years in business have been spent moving from one property to another. She first opened in the Pottsville Antique Center & Co-Op building on Garfield Square. Then she moved to the former Goodwill Bookstore on N. Centre St. before a flood forced her out.

Stanberry finally settled into the spacious vintage retail spot on South Centre.

She told us that it’s getting harder to business in downtown Pottsville. And the introduction of the ParkMobile app last year didn’t help, but it’s about more than a parking app.

Pottsville Business Closings in 2020

When Stanberry closes, it’ll be the second business to close in downtown Pottsville already this month.

At the beginning of the year, The Greystone Restaurant shut its doors. A new tenant is rumored to be moving in to that location later this year, however.

As 2019 came to a close, another retail spot downtown closed its doors and re-located. The Something Sweet candy shop located in the former Miske Florist store on North Centre closed. It did, however, re-locate to inside the lobby of the Majestic Theater, running a limited schedule revolving mostly around the theater’s schedule.

And there are two other businesses downtown that we’re hearing are close to shutting down in downtown Pottsville. Sources tell us one of these stores is moving to a neighboring borough while another is closing for good. We’re working to confirm these leads as soon as possible.


2 responses to Another Downtown Pottsville Business Closing – Two More About to Close?

  1. coalregion12 January 24th, 2020 at 7:44 am

    Once the new parking lot on Mahantongo Street is built all be good in The Downtown…
    Melissa was a big proponent for the Downtown. She would write on Facebook however about the problems (parking, City Hall, etc.)
    She knew how hard it is currently to make a business work in the Downtown. Business Tax is also a MAJOR issue. Good luck Melissa in your future endeavors.


    • admin January 24th, 2020 at 8:43 am

      We hear they got the Blue Band to play for the grand opening of the garage. Ian Lipton is going to smash a bottle of champagne over the first car that gets ticketed in it. Try and stop this city then …

      In all seriousness, Melissa seems like a lot of business owners in Pottsville. They so want it to work because a good Pottsville is good for business. Property values are too high. That’s what happens when just a few people own properties on their own and those that do are just waiting for the next government-contracted agency to fill it so they can charge FMV in rent. In reality, no private property owner can actually get FMV for their buildings. The only dopes dumb enough to pay for that are the dopes we elected to office.

      We wish Melissa the best and will miss Hidden Treasures.


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