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Can we panic yet?

The winter storm forecast for this weekend in Schuylkill County seems to be coming together as early predictions indicated.

Just how much snow, ice, freezing rain, and plain rain we get is up in the air (literally) right now.

But nearly every forecasting outfit out there suggests something will happen this weekend, mostly Saturday.

Schuylkill County Bread & Milk Meter Updated

Still a full 5 days outside of the first flakes flying from this storm, local weather forecaster Ryan Fannock feels confident updating his own Schuylkill County Bread & Milk Meter.

As you can guess, this informal system alerts coal region consumers what they should expect during an upcoming storm and, most importantly, what they need to get at the grocery store.

Here’s a look at the first readout from Fannock’s Schuylkill County Bread & Milk Meter:

fannock weather bread milk meter

(Image: Ryan Fannock,, Weather Talk: Schuylkill Edition on Facebook)

It looks like we’re in the yellow-green zone (lime green? honeydew?).

So, what does this mean, per the Meter? Fannock feels confident saying you should go out and buy 3 gallons of Guers Iced Tea, “to be safe” in case of prolonged Cabin Fever or emergency. He’s saying the Guers tea stockpile is necessary because roads will be “messy” from this weekend’s storm.

We’ve already zoned right out of the warnings about snow sticking to grass and buying a ring of kielbasa. And we’re beyond creating social media buzz about the possibility of a big snow storm.

This is happening.

If things get any more serious, Fannock’s meter suggests we go out and buy a new snow shovel and stockpile boilo ingredients. We Code:Red on the meter when it’s go-time, presumably … full-on panic mode. At that level (anywhere from the deep orange to red zones on the Meter), we’re going to need Yuengling, toilet paper, bread, and milk on top of all the other supplies suggested on the Meter.

We’ll keep an eye on this Meter for any changes as we get closer to first flake.

Not a bad idea if you check it out, too:



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