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Schuylkill County Woman is back and she’s a bit sauced.

This time, she’s blitzed on Four Loko and facing child endangerment charges after a recent incident in New Philadelphia.

spongebob four loko

According to a report, the unidentified 60-year-old Schuylkill County woman was babysitting a 4-year old in the borough. That didn’t stop her from cracking the top on some Four Loko.

Apparently, she got totally wrecked, passed out, and lost track of the 4-year-old she was babysitting.

While asleep, the toddler roamed outside without any clothes on, just after midnight Monday. A neighbor spotted the kid wandering naked and called the cops.

Add this incident to our growing list of those involving a Schuylkill County woman.

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