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This town ain’t big enough for two Pizza Hut restaurants.

Pottsville Pizza Hut Closing

According to a sign posted on the door to the Pizza Hut restaurant in the Sharp Mountain Plaza, Dec. 30 was the last day of business.

We saw this while loading up on booze at the state store for the New Year’s Eve party we’re not having:

pottsville pizza hut

(Photo: Coal Region Canary Mobile)

The sign reads: “As of Tuesday 12-31-19 this location will no longer be open for business. All business will now run through the location on Rt. 61. We are sorry for the inconvenience but hope you continue your business with the other location. Please bare (sic) with us through this change as some delivery areas may be affected.”

So, what does this mean?

Pottsville isn’t big enough for two Pizza Hut restaurants anymore. Instead of this Yorkville location with its booth seating and buffet, Pottsville residents must settle for the rather cramped unwelcoming location crammed into the parking lot of the old Pizza Hut on Route 61. Or you can get Pizza Hut delivered.

Pottsville Pizza Power Rankings

One of the first original articles published to Coal Region Canary — true story — is our Pottsville Pizza Power Rankings. Actually, it’s the Ultimate Pottsville Pizza Power Rankings.

We’ve updated it to reflect the recent business news here. But sad to say, our most recent experiences with the Pizza Hut that remains in Pottsville were not good. Let’s be honest, it’s never been the same since they abandoned the original Huts.

See who’s top of our power rankings and tell us how we’re wrong.

Ultimate Pottsville Pizza Power Rankings

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