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Police in Mahanoy City continue searching for a suspected criminal they’re calling the Porch Pirate Princess.

mahanoy city porch pirate

Mahanoy City Porch Pirate

On the day after Christmas, authorities north of the mountain posted some surveillance videos and still images of a woman they suspect stole a package from a porch. They say the theft happened the afternoon of Dec. 23.

“Police are attempting to identify this porch pirate from a theft of a package in the unit block of E Mahanoy St on Monday afternoon 12/23/19,” Mahanoy City police write in a Facebook post.

mahanoy city porch pirate

Several hours later, Mahanoy City PD released more surveillance footage of the woman they suspect is the porch pirate. They write, “The porch pirate princess likes to stop and get snacks and lottery tickets before committing her crimes, these updated videos hopefully can help for identification.”

You can see the short video on the police department’s Facebook post here.

In the video, the woman is busily packing or unpacking a backpack.

The surveillance footage shows a short, thin woman wearing a matching red and black outfit. A black baseball cap has some red embroidery work on it. The alleged pirate wears a traditional looking red and black flannel and carries a backpack that closely matches the other items.

mahanoy city porch pirate

Police also say the alleged porch pirate likes snacks and lottery tickets, apparently.

Kill Porch Pirates with Kindness?

Porch pirates are everywhere. Did you know, tens of thousands of packages go missing every day in New York City? That’s according to an opinion piece published by psychotherapist F. Diane Barth for NBC News.

She suggests that those pilfered from should have more empathy for these porch pirates. And, she says, our desire to shop online exclusively and revel, seemingly, in the capture of these thieves, is bad for us.

“One of the things we’re doing, it seems, is bonding over a controversy directly related to all of that online shopping — a controversy that is escalating as holiday packages are being delivered to and stolen from in front of our homes. We’re getting pissed at so-called porch pirates,” Barth writes.

She’s wrong, of course. We’re not celebrating the capture of a porch pirate as much as we’re celebrating that hopefully, the people stolen from get what is rightfully theirs.

If you want to read more of her dumb opinion that’ll drive you crazy (probably), check out the article here. Our favorite part is where Barth suggests that homeowners express a sense of entitlement because they’re mad that someone walked by and took a package that didn’t have their name on it and they didn’t buy.

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