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Two iconic Schuylkill County brands announced a collaboration this week.

Yuengling Brewery and Mrs. T’s Pierogies whipped together a fun party appetizer recipe featuring two of their most popular products.

Yuengling and Mrs. T’s Lager-Dipped Mini Pierogies

The brewery offers up its Traditional Lager beer as a batter dip for Mrs. T’s Mini Cheddar Seasoned with Bacon pierogies. These deep-fried delights get served alongside a homemade horseradish dip straight from a Yuengling’s kitchen.

“Over the past several months, I’ve had the pleasure of working with Mrs. T’s to create this memorable recipe and look forward to sharing one more with you next year. From our families to yours, we hope you enjoy,” Sheryl Yuengling says.


yuengling mrs ts pierogies recipe

(Photo: Yuengling Brewery)

This is the second big collaboration this year for Yuengling Brewery. Earlier this year, it announced a major partnership with Hershey’s Chocolate on a Hershey’s-infused Porter beer.


Two Schuylkill County Family-Owned Businesses

For all Schuylkill County’s economic woes of late, these two companies have risen above and become well-known American brands. Their ties to the area aren’t the only similarities.

Yuengling Brewery and Mrs. T’s Pierogies share a similar history. Both started as family-owned small businesses and both are creating family legacies through the businesses.

The Yuengling daughters are set to assume control of the company from their father. And in Shenandoah, the Twardzik family has been in charge of Mrs. T’s Pierogies since the beginning, too.

They’ve each had good times and bad but in the 21st Century, they’re well on their way to becoming American household names.

Yuengling Traditional Lager Battered Mini Pierogies Recipe

For all those reasons, this collaboration makes sense. Then, of course, there’s the perfect marriage of beer and pierogies. Seriously, how hasn’t this happened sooner?

Let’s talk about this recipe. It combines Mrs. T’s Mini Cheddar Seasoned with Bacon Pierogies and Yuengling Traditional Lager.

(Photo: Mrs. T’s Pierogies)

Create a seasoned Lager beer batter to dip the frozen mini pierogies. Then, carefully dip the pierogies in a vat of hot peanut or vegetable oil.

Frying like this creates a fun little puffed up pierogy. They seem like the perfect size to dip into the Yuengling’s homemade horseradish sauce. You can find the full recipe on the Mrs. T’s website but we’ve got it here for you, too.

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