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In a Wednesday evening Twitter message, U.S. Rep. Dan Meuser (PA-9) says the impeachment hearings of President Trump are “highly biased”.

He’s putting it lightly for some reason.

Meuser says, “The leading Democrat players have predetermined presumptions of guilt and have been untruthful about contact with the whistleblower, and there has been no evidence of quid pro quo.”

Meuser on Trump Impeachment Hearings

Normally, Meuser does a pretty good job echoing the coal region sentiment, backing the MAGA movement as Schuylkill County did in 2016.

But he seems a little off the mark here. Maybe he’s saving it up for future hearings.

The biggest sign that this entire impeachment saga is just another political witch hunt. In fact, the House Democrats’ star witnesses aren’t even first-party witnesses to the alleged “high crimes and misdemeanors” they allege are worthy of impeachment.

It’s all hearsay. The people who believe Trump pressured the Ukrainian President to investigate the Bidens’ dealings there believes our President wanted dirt on Biden.

That’s what they believe, not what they heard themselves.

It’s astonishing that a case so loosely built could get this far. Just goes to show that the clowns we have elected to Congress serve almost no purpose. They earn their collective single-digit approval rating.

In his tweet, Meuser says these impeachment hearings are just wasting time.

“There has also been significant opportunity lost for America,” he writes.

Ohio Rep. Jim Jordan handled spelled it out during questioning of two “witnesses” appearing before House Judiciary Committee Wednesday.

Here’s a clip:

Liberals Sound Off on Meuser

As we’ve noted in the past, Meuser’s social media activity normally goes unnoticed. People don’t trash him when he’s posting about attending events locally or promoting some non-confrontational cause.

That changes when Meuser puts on his MAGA hat, however. And it was no different on Wednesday night.

Here’s a taste of the civility that liberals say they want to restore … in their own words:

Moneydollar Wilfong (@buco81) writes: “#DiscoDan again dancing around facts. Your lover boy admitted to the extortion and others on his staff says he does it all the time. Tick Tock DiscoDan. Your legacy is that of a coward who turned a blind eye to the most corrupt president in history.”

Gia 🌊 (@Gia92727268) writes: “Why not do your job and focus on the facts. Keep f kn around we the majority are coming in 2020.”

Someone calling themselves Forehead of Narduzzi chimes in with, “What are you watching??????? Idiot”

And we can’t forget The Critic (@The_Critic), who kindly adds: “Get fucked, you corruption apologist. Get fucked with a rolled up edition of the Constitution.”


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