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The Eagles did everything to lose on Sunday against the Lions and they did.

They had us all feeling a little …

Well, they had us feeling a lot of …

Actually, this guy sums it up:

Fans React to Eagles Loss vs. Lions

Any time you want to get raw Birds fan reactions to an ugly loss, head to Twitter.

It didn’t disappoint on Sunday as the Birds fell to 1-2, now 2 full games behind Dallas already.

How about a report card breaking down the performance by position?

Here you go:

OK, but what does EDP think of this?

The Hands Team

The Birds “Hands Team” was all thumbs Sunday against the Lions. Eagles receivers dropped at least 7 passes on Sunday against the Lions. They lost a couple of fumbles, too.

Fans were at least clever about it.

This tweet, however, did not age well.

It inspired some great memes, though.

The Birds Struggle is Real

Ya know, it’s all funny because it’s true but it’s not funny because the struggle is very real right now.

The Eagles basically have no time to lick their Lions wounds. They play this Thursday night against the Packers in Lambeau Field. That’s the 3-0 Packers.

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