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Every week I’m going to go through and look at my player picks for my DFS Review –  Who Helped Us and Who Hurt Us (and why).

No cash for me this week, I crapped the bed on my RB lineup builds and ended up on the wrong end of my own analysis. CMC instead of Zeke changes everything but you can’t go back in time and that’s that.

Average pay line on FanDuel cash games was 122.95. My lineup finished with 109.54.

Average pay line on DraftKings cash games was 161.42. My lineup finished with 146.32.

So both FanDuel and DraftKings finished below cash game pay lines mostly due to selecting the wrong RB combos.

It’s important to remember that nothing is as good or as bad as it seems in week 1, so don’t get discouraged.  We were one player (CMC instead of Zeke) from cashing on both sites, so don’t get down.

Who Helped

These are the guys that I wrote up on my article Week 1 NFL Players I Love on Fanduel and DraftKings that helped you get across the pay line.

QB – Wentz, Jackson, Stafford, Brisset.  All of these guys paid off, Lamar Jackson went nutty.

RB – CMC, Dal Cook, Ingram.  These three guys blew it up this week.

WR – Chris Godwin, Tyler Lockett, Adam Thielen, Dede Westbrook, DeSean Jackson.  First four were solid. DeSean exploded for a huge game.

TE – Kittle, Evan Engram, Delanie, Mark Andrews.  Nice showing by all here.

DEF – Baltimore.  Yikes Dolphins…yikes.

Who Hurt (and why)

Here are the guys who hurt us this week and why.

QB – Jameis Winston, Jimmy Garopollo.  This game was a QB shit show.  Jameis was terrible and Jimmy G wasn’t much better.  Ugly ugly ugly. James was between 55% – 70% owned in cash games though, so the QB situation alone didn’t keep us from the $$$ this week despite the garbage stat lines.

RB – Zeke Elliot – Yes, he went for 53 yards and a TD but that’s not going to cut it when you’re paying top dollar for a RB. When you consider that CMC blew up for 37.9 FanDuel points versus just 12.8 for Elliot you can see how Zeke was a killer for our teams this week.  My analysis of the Giants D being trash was right, but they decided early on that Zeke wouldn’t beat them so they just let receivers run free behind them and Dak had a career game.  In other news, the Tevin Colelman injury killed his productivity and Kerryon Johnson laid a nice stinky egg.  Bottom line, I picked the wrong RB duo from my write up.  CMC and Ingram would have easily put us over the cash line.

WR – Mike Evans, Brandin Cooks, Dante Pettis.  Evans and Cooks under performed for their salary. Pettis was trash in a trash game.

TE – No real killers here. Ertz and Howard didn’t have great games but didn’t kill your lineup if you played them.

DEF – Eagles.  1 point versus the Redskins is not good although there were plenty of lineups that cashed playing the Eagles D.

Well, that’s it for week 1.  Not a cashing week for your boy @FlashlightDFS but it’s dead and buried.  The good news is that there was DEFINITELY a winning lineup in the player pool I wrote up, so if you read it over the made your own lineup, congrats!

In the words of the Devil himself (aka Bill Belichik) “We’re on to week 2.”  Talk to you guys in a few days for my Week 2 Players I Love.

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