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Have you noticed a shortage of Middleswarth Bar-B-Q Chips?

This regional specialty has been disappearing from grocery and convenience store shelves over the last week or two. And vendors haven’t been able to replenish supplies.

It’s led to shortages and bare shelves. And of course, panic.

Well, rest easy now. Our long, regional nightmare is almost over.

Middleswarth Barbecue Chip Shortage

The first person to notice — that we could find — is the owner of

This site ships Middleswarth potato chips and Old Forge Pizza to people in places where they’re not regularly available. On its Facebook page, broke the news about the Middleswarth Barbecue Chip shortage.

It wasn’t until September 4 that Middleswarth opened up about the empty shelves you’ve seen.

They took to Facebook, too, to address the situation.

The company said:

We just want to give all of our customers and vendors an update on our BBQ seasoning shortage issue. As some of you probably have noticed in the past few weeks there has been limited to no BBQ potato chip items on the shelves at a majority of stores.

Due to a shortage of materials our supplier was unable to produce and fulfill our regular BBQ seasoning orders off and on for the past month. As a result of this limitation Middleswarth ran out of seasoning.

The good news is we have resumed producing all BBQ items as of 9/3/19 and will have them back out at the stores and on the shelves as soon as possible. We apologize for this inconvenience and appreciate everyone who worked with us to correct any issues that resulted from the shortage.

WNEP addressed the serious situation on the news Wednesday, too.

Earlier this summer, WNEP reporter Carolyn Blackburne captured one woman who was really excited by finding a small bag of Middleswarth BBQ chips. It really sums up how we’re all feeling without these chips close at hand.

When Will This End?

Middleswarth says the barbecue chips will be back on store shelves “as soon as possible.”

In the post, he suggests that date is September 7. However, it could be sooner or later, too. We just hope they’re back in time for the Birds game on Sunday.

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