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We admit it, Twitter is a cesspool.

The only reason the site still exists is because its best user is the President of the United States.

We’re there. But outside of promoting our articles and commenting on a few others, it’s more of an observatory role. Just keeping our eye on things.

And during our time on Twitter, we notice some strange things being said about Schuylkill County, in particular. They’re the kind of things that make you go …

Now, there aren’t many people on Twitter from Schuylkill County. It’s not like Instagram or Facebook. Your aunts and nanas likely aren’t on Twitter and never will be. But there are some. And then there are the people from out of the area who just pass through and make some local observations.

What is #ThisIsSchuylkillCounty?

The #ThisIsSchuylkillCounty collection is a curated group of random tweets about Schuylkill County.

We can’t believe what some people say and rather than encourage you to join us in the cesspool, we do the digging for you.

And we couldn’t let some of these tweets go by without making a comment or adding a little insight.

For instance, when one local lamented the closing of the Schuylkill Haven McDonald’s restaurant because they’d have to go to Pottsville for “a good Sprite”, we wondered what the heck they were talking about.

You may be surprised at what we found. Read: Counting the Days Until We Get Good Sprite in Haven Again

We’ll be adding more to this collection regularly.

In the meantime, check out the first few, including the one above in our #ThisIsSchuylkillCounty collection.

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