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The McDonald’s restaurant closing in Schuylkill Haven impacts us all in different ways.

W. Pace Limited, the franchise owner of that location, closed the Schuylkill Haven McDonald’s recently and announced plans for a brand new store.

That’s got some of us a little excited. If you stack that McDonald’s up against some of the others in the area, including ones owned by the same franchisee … well, you know it’s not the best.

But for “stinkster” (aka Twitter user @Stavi_Jr), the Haven McDonald’s closing until December 2019 presents a problem. A BIG problem, in fact.

Where are they going to get a good Sprite?

This is raw emotion in the tweet:

The Secret to McDonald’s Fountain Drinks

Of course, we’re assuming stinkster wants a fountain Sprite, not a can. Not one of those glass bottles. And definitely not a plastic bottle.

Even still, you may be thinking ol’ stinkster here is talking out of both sides of their mouth.

Why not go across the highway and get a fountain Sprite at Sheetz? Surely, somewhere between the Haven McDonald’s and the restaurant by the Fairlane Village Mall, stinkster can find themselves a Sprite.

Well, there’s a reason why stinkster believes it’ll be a long time or a long haul before they get another good cup of Sprite again. Yes, there’s a reason why the fountain soda at McDonald’s tastes better than any other fountain drinks at other stores.

According to a Reader’s Digest article, it’s the way McDonald’s gets its soda syrup from Coca-Cola.

We’re obligated to tell you at this point that fast food restaurants get soda syrup shipped to restaurants. There, the syrups are added to soda water and dispensed through the fountains.

In most cases, the soda syrup is sent to places like fast food restaurants inside plastic bladders inside heavy cardboard boxes. They hook up the soda tubes to the bladders inside the boxes and voila, you’ve got a soda fountain.

But that’s not how McDonald’s restaurants get their soda syrups. Instead of those plastic bags inside boxes, Coca-Cola delivers the syrups in stainless steel tanks.

The syrup stays fresher and is pre-chilled so it helps improve the taste. That’s just one secret to McDonald’s sodas. Check out other things that make McDonald’s fountain sodas different by reading the full article at

In the meantime, without that Haven McDonald’s open, we hope stinkster gets their good Sprite.


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