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After hitting a modern record low just two months ago, the Schuylkill County unemployment rate rose nearly a full percentage point since.

According to new information from the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, the Schuylkill County unemployment rate in June 2019 is at 4.9%. In May, it was 4.5%. And in April, the unemployment rate hit a record low in Schuylkill County, at just 4.1%.

This news at the local level hit at about the same time of the national jobs report from BLS. That shows national unemployment at 3.7%. Despite these seemingly good numbers on the economy, the workforce participation rate remains low, about 63%.

That national unemployment rate comes in just a shade lower than Pennsylvania’s unemployment rate. That’s at 3.8% for June 2019, unchanged from the previous month.

Schuylkill County Unemployment Rate – June 2019

Take a look at our chart of the Schuylkill County unemployment rate over the last year.

You can see that its current rate is closer to the norm over the last year. Any gains seen in the months prior to this summer have been lost, according to the data, though it is slightly lower than earlier this year.

Schuylkill County Unemployment Rate (Last 12 Months, June 2019)

MonthSchuylkill Unemployment %
June 20194.9
May 20194.5
April 20194.1
March 20195.0
February 20195.3
January 20195.3
December 20184.8
November 20184.5
October 20184.6
September 20184.7
August 20185.6
July 20185.4


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