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Conservative columnist Kurt Schlichter clearly experienced a Tuesday night like many of you probably had.

He cracked open a cold Yuengling and said he wasn’t going to watch the Democrat Presidential debate on CNN.

Well, two things are clear: Schlichter watched the debates and he had himself some Yuenglings.

Dark Psychic Forces at Work

Like a lot of people seem compelled to do, he told the world he’s “having himself a beer“.


His tweet prompted a response from former NRA spokesperson Dana Loesch. She chimed in with a winning Yuengling meme two minutes later.

After that, he didn’t hear much from Loesch but we heard a lot from him, including an untallied beer count, as the debate got underway.

And for not watching the debate, Schlichter kept good tabs on it for us.

Since he was clearly watching, it was a good thing he was drinking. It helps decipher Marianne Williamson.

The beers even got Kurt talking like a local. He clearly doesn’t agree with Mayor Pete’s assault rifle ban idea.

And the night, like the debate, kept going. Schlichter clearly enjoyed the beers he downed. He tweeted again later in the night, dropping the Yuengling name like he was getting paid.

The beers didn’t dull Schlichter’s wit though. Check out this take on the debate lineup making fussy faces through the national anthem, resisting the urge to kneel.

Who is Kurt Schlichter?

Kurt Schlichter writes conservative commentary for and is a former retired Army colonel.

Yuengling and Conservatives

Ever since Dick Yuengling endorsed Donald Trump for President back in 2016, the brewery receives regular praise and criticism for the decision.

People on the left swear the beer is brewed by the devil and racist swill. Several calls to boycott Yuengling have resulted in increased sales and popularity of the beer and brand.

Conservatives, if they’ve drunk it, tend to celebrate the beer. Even if they don’t like the taste, they’re quick to point out some patriotic facts about the pride of Pottsville.

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