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During Wednesday’s Phillies-Tigers broadcast on NBC Sports-Philadelphia, color commentator John Kruk made a Yuengling reference.

But he made a fatal mistake. He said it was in Pottstown, not Pottsville.

Well, the locals watching the game on TV let Krukker have it.

Kruk’s Ultimate Road Trip

First, Kruk’s big mistake.

It was the bottom of the 6th and the Phils already had a 4-0 lead in a bit of a snoozer. So, when the game gets boring, Kruk starts chatting. He and play-by-play announcer Tom McCarthy started talking about a mutual friend named Wayne.

That’s when the Yuengling name got dropped first. They cut to a clip of “Wayne” double-fisting some beers at a recent Phillies-Pirates game.

“That’d be a nice trip. From Philly … stop in Pottstown to see DIck Yuengling at the Yuengling Brewery. And then to see Wayne …”

Kruk knows where Yuengling is. For a brief time, he was a coach with the Reading Phillies. And clearly, he’s met a few cans of Yuengling himself. And you’ll soon see, he did offer a quick apology.

But not before he heard it from the locals on Twitter.

Locals React to John Kruk’s Pottsville/Pottstown Error

Here is some of the immediate blowback against the former Phillies first baseman and former mullet champion.

Kruk Replies

Krukker picked out one tweet to offer a mea culpa.

He probably picked the nicest tongue-in-cheek response to his gaffe but for the record, we have not ALL made this mistake …

And to show that the ballplayers make texting errors just like the regular folks, Kruk offered a reply:

Get a Life

Kruk’s idea for his road trip spawned from a conversation he and McCarthy had earlier in the game.

McCarthy and Kruk outlined a potential road trip from Detroit, where the Phillies were, back to Philadelphia. That led to a discussion on Kruk documenting the road trip on his Twitter account.

Kruk didn’t take the team flight back to Philadelphia after yesterday’s game with the Tigers. Instead, he drove. But he wasn’t going to be tweeting stops along the way.

Kruk remembered when he first started Twitter and people began tracking a round of golf he played once where he tweeted his score hole-by-hole. He did this because he didn’t want to document the food he was eating all the time. Krukker said it would have been gas-station hot dogs, mostly.

He said during the game chatter that he thought people following his golf game should get a life.

“I thought I didn’t have a life,” Kruk said.



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