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It’s a scorcher all over the coal region right now.

It’s probably 90-something if you’re reading this. And it probably feels like a hundred-and-something.

But is it ever too hot to meme the news?

Never Too Hot for Too Hot Memes

We’ve crafted some local Too Hot Memes to help break the heat. (Actually, they don’t. We broke a sweat making them in the AC.)

too hot memes

And it’s only just beginning.

Saturday is supposed to be the worst of the first Heat Wave of 2019.

But really, can you tell the difference between 97 and 95? Why do they bother with Heat Index numbers. Give it to us in Real Word Feel. Or Real Too Hot Meme Feel.

too hot memes

We’ve found the best way to beat the heat is to find ways to avoid talking about the heat. Gaming is a popular option these days.

But it’s no fun when the weather starts to affect your game play. It’s bad enough with all the lag.

too hot memes

Maybe taking a dip in the pool? But this heat isn’t meant for a dip. That won’t do.

But you need to be careful over there. This heat is bound to touch off some arguments on who’s next in line for the tower.

You hate to see when tempers flare because it’s just too hot.


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