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It’s been hot. But a heat wave this weekend promises to really have it cooking in the coal region.

The heat wave officially starts Friday. But it’s really been hot all week so far in Schuylkill County. And of course, it’s not just the heat … it’s the humidity!

Schuylkill County Heat Wave 2019 This Weekend

We’re talking brutal heat here. Remember, to qualify for a heat wave, you need at least 3 consecutive days of 90 degrees or more.

That won’t be an issue.

schuylkill county heat wave 2019

It’s going to be so hot, National Weather Service issued an Excessive Heat Watch well ahead of Friday. The Excessive Heat Watch extends from Friday afternoon through Sunday evening.

And there’s no let-up. Making it worse, as we said, is the weather this week leading into the heat wave.

On Wednesday night, it only dipped down to a sticky 70 degrees. Thursday’s high temp should reach about 85 and the low tonight will only go down to 70.

Gets Hotter By the Day

Live it up today, because as awful as it’s going to feel out there, you’ll be dreaming of it by Saturday afternoon.

On Friday, the high temp in Pottsville should hit 93. National Weather Service predicts a Heat Index at 100.

The Heat Index factors in humidity to provide a more realistic interpretation of how it really feels outside.

Saturday gets hotter yet. The mercury (or app on your phone) will top out at near 97 degrees. And with the Heat Index, it could feel as hot as 110 or more.

Temps come down a drop on Sunday … way down to a daytime high of 94.

Don’t expect any relief at night, either. Overnight lows will only drop to 75 on Friday night, 74 on Saturday, and 71 on Sunday.

No Rain

Looking for a little bit of rain or a nice summertime thunderstorm to break up the heat wave? Don’t bet on it.

There’s a remote chance of rain on Sunday and Sunday night, but not much. No rain is expected on Friday or Saturday.

Any break in this heat wave comes on Monday. Even then, the high temp only drops to 87.

Real relief won’t come until Tuesday. NWS predicts a high temp of 83, and then just 81 on Wednesday next week.

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