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National Weather Service says rain from storms over Schuylkill County tonight (July 17) could total as much as 2 inches.

The storms are likely in the area before 2 a.m., starting at about the evening rush hour. Rain started falling over Pottsville, with some rumbles of thunder mixed in, just before 5 p.m.

Be sure to check out our updated local weather radar to keep an eye on where storms are closest to you.

🗺️ LIVE – Schuylkill County Weather Radar

Heavy Rain for Schuylkill County

The threat of heavy rain in many parts of Schuylkill County prompts a threat of flash floods.

Communities like Tremont, Pine Grove, Pottsville, Frackville, and others are particularly flood prone due to some infrastructure issues.

Even though the rain has let up a bit since the soaker we experienced in May, the ground is likely still pretty saturated and 2 inches of rain in a short amount of time, as is predicted tonight, could spell trouble.

There is a chance we don’t get nearly as much rain as predicted. Heavy downpours are in storm cells that could miss some parts of the area.

Schuylkill County Heat Wave 2019

Storms tonight and Thursday expect to usher in some REALLY HOT weather for the weekend. It’s likely to be the first official heat wave of 2019 and the last since just before the Fourth of July 2018.

NWS predicts temperatures to reach the mid-90s on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. The oppressive humidity will make it feel like 110 degrees or more.


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