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There are two more fireworks shows in Schuylkill County this holiday weekend. Both St. Clair and Schuylkill Haven have displays set for July 6.

And we’re keeping our eyes on those and possible thunderstorms and rain that could put a damper on things.

Are They Having Fireworks in Schuylkill Haven?

Yes. In Schuylkill Haven, the FIREWORKS ARE ON.

That’s as of 8:36 p.m. on Saturday.

The fireworks are scheduled for 9:45 p.m.

Are They Having Fireworks in Saint Clair?

Yes, the FIREWORKS ARE ON in St. Clair.

Here’s the latest update we got on this event:

Again, that’s as of 8:37 p.m. Saturday.

The rain and thunderstorms passing through Schuylkill County now sure put a damper on the end of the annual St. Clair Car Cruise but they’re holding out hope for fireworks tonight.

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